Yamaha Dirt Bike Models and Prices

Design for dirt bikes saw a period of tremendous advancement over the past ten years. Electric start and fuel injection have become commonplace technologies, four-stroke engines have become lighter, and dual-sports have made significant strides. Compared to motorcycles from ten years ago, today’s bikes have improved. It is a selection of the top motorcycles that Dirt Bike Magazine evaluated between 2010 and 2019. Some of the bicycles made a list because they served as markers for the future. Others are present because they can compete with the machines in use today.

Yamaha Dirt Bike Models and Prices

1. Yamaha Tenere 700

With its incredibly powerful engine, the Yamaha Tenere 700 can travel at high speeds of more than 100 mph. Because of this, it is a well-liked option for a street bike, but it can also be used for off-road riding. This motorcycle includes a twin-cylinder engine, an ergonomic frame, and a suspension that is simple to adjust. The kid-friendly TTR-50 is the exact antithesis of this Yamaha motorcycle. It is incredibly quick and powerful, making it the ideal option for experienced riders who crave speed. The Tenere 700 has received favorable reviews overall and is well-liked by riders looking for a competent dual sport bike. It’s perfect for use as a trail bike or a vehicle for transportation because it requires little maintenance. It is priced at $9,999.

2. Yamaha YZ450F

The YZ450F, a brand-new model for 2018, is Yamaha’s top off-road vehicle. You can be confident that the YZ450F incorporates the most incredible technologies from the previous models into one powerful package because it is the larger brother of the YZ range. The YZ450F offers more torque and power than most riders can handle thanks to its monstrous 449cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, which also has four titanium valves and a rearward-slanting cylinder. Yamaha has made the YZ450F easy to ride and manageable, even for a beginner, even though we don’t advise beginning riders to use this bad boy. It costs $9,599.

3. Yamaha YZ250F

The Yamaha YZ250F is the next step for riders searching for more power than the YZ125 can provide. The best and one of the most powerful dirt bikes available today, this Yamaha has earned the right to be labeled such. The bike has moreover won numerous MX and SX championships. A powerful four-stroke, 250cc engine with a reverse cylinder head powers this bike over the dirt. Massive power is delivered at low rpm, and the top-end pull is tremendous. Excellent weight distribution made the YZ250F very light, which enhances handling. The true champion is the YZ250F. You can purchase it for $8,299.

4. Yamaha TT-R230

This dirt bike is a little bigger but manageable thanks to its 220cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine. Its trail-ready features include 11.6 inches of ground clearance and a low seat height on a long-travel suspension, making it the ideal choice for novice and experienced trail riders. A strong steel frame with a diamond-shaped design is superior for strength and handling, while racing-derived ergonomics include a flat seat/tank junction that aids the rider’s mobility. It is priced at $4,449.

5. Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 boasts a tremendous power-to-weight ratio for explosive performance because of its high-performance small two-stroke engine. The aluminum frame of the chassis is fantastic since it has been meticulously developed to provide the best handling performance in its class. It has an industry-leading fork with improved damping, speed sensitivity, and the ability for more accurate riding. A smooth ride is guaranteed by the sophisticated KYB shock’s superb rear-wheel control. The massive 277-millimeter front disc brake has cutting-edge pad materials for excellent controllability and stopping power. The YZ125’s small frame allows you to quickly swing your body weight, which gives you the freedom to hurl the bike around as you please. The YZ125 racer DNA is displayed by the synchronized high-performance wheels and razor-sharp appearance. It costs $6,899.

6. Yamaha YZ450FX

This Yamaha motorcycle is an excellent all-around vehicle. With a multi-plate wet clutch, it boasts a lot of speed and power. Thanks to the aluminum frame, it is light and maneuverable on the track. It also includes excellent brakes, an electric starter, and a top-notch suspension system. The YZ450FX is a perfect bike for competitive riders. This bike has performed well in tests against other 450cc versions and produces significantly more power than 250cc bikes. It is a fantastic bike that works well on off-road terrain and the racetrack. It is an attractive option because it has the strength and capacity to surpass any challenge. You can purchase it for $9,899.

7. Yamaha WR250R

This dual-sport motorcycle combines dirt-focused performance with tremendous dirt capability and is designed for trials and roads. It boasts a sophisticated fuel-injection system with EDI, advanced engine internals, and a 250cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. As a result, if you love to ride the trails but also want a bike you can use on the road, this dirt bike is a great option. It costs $5,499.

8. Yamaha TTR-50

A smaller and less potent 4-stroke choice is the Yamaha TTR-50. Due to the low seat height, compact engine, and direct 3-speed transmission, it’s perfect for novices. The seat on this bike is among the lowest in its category, and it also boasts an electronic start for a more straightforward start. A fantastic starter bike for young riders is this tiny bike. New dirt bike aficionados won’t damage themselves while learning the fundamentals because it doesn’t have much speed or power. This bike is fantastic for novices but not those looking for something more competitive and robust. It’s priced at 1,899.

Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes are lightweight motorbikes designed primarily for off-road riding with a sturdy frame, tough tires, and high suspension. Since they are built to manage riding cross-country or off-road motorcycle courses comprised of challenging terrains like dirt, mud, and rocks, they are known as dirt bikes due to their design. If you are riding a dual sport dirt bike with a license plate, you will require a driver’s license. However, most dirt bikes are designed for off-road environments and are exempt from having a license plate. Most private and off-road places are allowed for riding, while public roads are not.

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