When and How To Change The Clutch on a Dirt Bike

Do you understand the significance of clutches on your dirt bike? Yes, it is an important part of your bike. They assist you in transferring power from your motorcycle’s engine to your tires or wheels. The clutches also assist you in changing gears.

Apart from the benefits of clutches on your bike, it is also critical to grasp the fundamentals of clutches for a smooth ride. Otherwise, you will have problems in the long term. What are the ideas you’ll need to grasp? The most important factor is clutch duration time. “We’ll just pose it as a question: how long do they last?” This is a critical question to which you should have a response. Do not be concerned; the information below will assist you in dealing with the situation.

Aside from the duration, you must know when to change the clutches on your dirt bike. In this essay, we’ll go over everything you need to know about dirt bike clutches. Keep your eyes peeled!

When and How to Change the Clutch on a Dirt Bike

How long should a dirt bike clutch be expected to last?

Technically, a dirt bike’s clutch does not assist for many miles to go. In terms of endurance, the dirt bike clutch hasn’t traveled far. Because the clutch only functions to shift gears, it should be updated for a very long time.

As per the expert’s experience, the clutches on dirt bikes help you cover approximately 6000 miles. However, if you go off-road, you will need to replace them more frequently. In an off-road situation, a maximum of 35,000 kilometers is sufficient to replace the clutches.

How can I determine if the clutch on my dirt bike is worn out?

There are several indicators available to tell you that your dirt bike’s clutches need to be replaced. Let us see those

Tough to ride

If you notice a significant variation when riding your dirt bike, such as speed increasing or dropping automatically, this is a critical warning indicator. You may find it tough to manage your clutches since they operate independently of you. The issue might be that your clutches are worn out.

Unusual noise while you operate the clutch.

Do you hear a peculiar noise when you engage your clutch? This is an indication that your dirt bike’s clutch is worn out.

Even with the engine revving, the sound will be loud and clear. This is mainly due to worn-out clutches with limited traction, causing microscopic particles to sling off them at rapid speeds.

If you discover this issue, get to a technician right away so they can evaluate and correct it.

Improper engagement of the clutch

You will fail to engage your clutch if it does not function properly as it ages, and it will be quite tough to completely release it.

The clutch isn’t disengaging properly.

When a dirt bike’s clutch starts to wear out, it will be very difficult for you to entirely disengage it. You can understand an important aspect of the worn-out clutch. What is it? Yes, your clutch is nearing its end. It may soon cease operating altogether, at which point you will have to work on it to replace it without hesitation. When you disengage a dirt bike with worn-out clutches, you may hear a weird noise instead of the normal clicking sound.

If you have or are experiencing any of the aforementioned troubles with your dirt bike, now is the time to correct the problem rather than relying on a broken dirt bike with many difficulties.

Leaking fluid from your dirt bike

Do you experience a leaky fluid in your dirt bike often? If so, then it is an indication that your clutches are worn out and require immediate replacement. You must change the parts completely instead of making minor repairs. You will have to spend decent money to replace it because it is a vital requirement for your smooth ride without any hassle for a long time.

How often is a clutch replaced on your dirt bike?

As we have already discussed, the clutch may last a maximum of 60000 kilometers, or at least 50000. You can improve the life span of a clutch if you ride your dirt bike on the road often. In this situation, the clutch may take a long time to wear out. If you wish to replace the clutches, you must change the spring and plates.

How to change the clutch?

You can take out the brake pedal spring first.

The second step is followed by removing the bolts and cover from the clutch cover.

There will be a total of six bolts visible inside. You can take them out with flexibility, followed by spring removal.

The pressure plate can be taken out after the above process. After this task, the pins are removed.

Clutch plates have to be taken out by getting inside. Through this process, all the old plates are removed completely. After this task, you start putting in the new clutch.

Changing the clutch is not a tedious task but requires professionalism to achieve the goal.

My last thoughts

You will not be concerned about the longevity of your dirt bike’s clutch too frequently. But when the time arrives and your dirt bike’s clutch wears down, you’ll understand how and when it happened.

Furthermore, the replacement parts are reasonably priced, and the procedure for changing them is relatively easy and concise. You may even realize that this is a task you can accomplish with your dirt bike buddies! However, frequent examination of your dirt bike keeps you in a safe zone at all times. Even little mistakes must be taken seriously on your part. Never ignore warnings that a dirt bike’s clutch gives in the form of sound and slow movements.

The above details give you a clear understanding of when and how to change the clutch on a dirt bike. Make use of the information to cope with your demand for hassle-free and inexpensive rides for a long duration. Indeed, you can always have a comfortable ride.

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