Top Dirt Bike Brands with Specs and Prices

Looking for top dirt bike brands with specs and prices? You’ve landed on the right page! We all know the struggle of finding the best dirt bike for our adventures off-road. It has to be lightweight but rugged to be able to conquer all obstacles in the rough roads that we choose to explore. It also has to have some appeal so that when you use it on the road it exudes coolness and toughness. This is especially the case when you do motocross. A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed mainly for tough roads such as mud, gravel, sand, and other harsh road conditions. Finding a dirt bike is easy but finding the best one can be quite challenging. But this article is here to help you out. It is always recommended to go with the top brands. This is because they have already built a reputation in the field of motocross. They are popular for a reason, right? Here are the top dirt bike brands that you can choose from.

What To Look For In A Dirt Bike

Before we go on to the list, let us first enumerate the things that you should look for when choosing a dirt bike for you. Always keep in mind these things as we go on to the list. This will help you out choose the best one among them. Some terms will seem unfamiliar to you, especially if you’re new in the field. But dirt bikes are not that complicated. They have much smaller and fewer parts. The first thing that you have to look for is size. This will help you avoid dirt bikes that don’t fit your size. Choosing the perfect size for you will give you a comfortable sitting position and posture while riding on it. The size of a dirt bike is based on its cc size. If you are a beginner and smaller in stature go with the 125 or 150 CC. Go beyond that size if you are taller and with experience in riding motorbikes. Check the parts. This includes the engine oil, rear suspension, swing arm, and linkage. You can ask all of these the dealer. Make sure that they are of good quality. Determine where you would use the dirt bike. Will you use it for motocross or just for fun offroading as a weekend getaway trip? This will help you determine what features you should look for in a dirt bike. To finalize your option, try the dirt bike. See if it fits you and if you are comfortable riding it.

Top Dirt Bike Brands

Let us now proceed to the top brands when it comes to dirt bikes. These brands already have years of experience in the field. Most of their dirt bikes are used in the motocross. If you happen to attend one you will see that most of the dirt bikes there come from these brands. They have excellent performance and they look cool.

1. KTM

KTM is the top tier when it comes to dirt bikes. They are a big player in off-road motorcycle manufacturing. They have different models for you to choose from and each of the bikes is of high quality. KTM is a company based in Europe. They were first established in Austria in the year 1954. Imagine those almost 50 years of experience in the field. It is no surprise that KTM already owns a lot of wins and titles in the field of motocross. One dirt bike that they take pride in is the KTM 450 CC dirt bike.


The dirt bikes from KTM are made especially for racing. They are aggressive and rugged to tackle different rough road surfaces. They also feature a design that will surely catch everyone’s attention. KTM dirt bikes are known for their trademark color orange. If you see a dirt bike that is in the color orange, more likely it is from KTM. There are four bike models that KTM offers. They have four-stroke, two-stroke, junior-size, and electric dirt bikes. The engine of the two-stroke dirt bike is superior as it does not allow leaks. The chassis is very durable. It can absorb forces and impacts more effectively. It also features an ergonomic design. It allows better grip and a comfortable sitting position. The four strokes engine is much smaller which enables the motor to quickly respond to your movement. This is an improved version of the two-stroke dirt bike.


The price depends on the model you choose. KTM dirt bikes can cost from $2,000 to $20,000. The KTM RC 125 cost $2,430. This is the cheapest one in this series. The KTM adventure series tend to be pricier. The most expensive one can go up to $30,000. The price of dirt bikes from the KTM Duke series ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. The most popular dirt bike in KTM is the 450 SX-F Factory edition and this costs $10,299.

2. Honda

Nest to KTM is Honda. You already know how popular this brand is. It is based in Japan which is a place popular for advanced technology. Honda is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles in Japan. They have already conquered the world and that says something about their reputation. They have been in the industry since 1946. They already have lots of innovations. Their off-road motorcycles also dominate the market for dirt bikes. It was in the 1970s that they started to produce dirt bikes for motocross.


Honda only produces four-stroke dirt bikes. They don’t have two-stroke dirt bikes. They also have dirt bikes in a junior size. All Honda dirt bikes are in the color red which is the trademark color of the brand. Rugged and reliable are two words that Honda uses to describe their dirt bikes. The specs depend on the model. Let’s take CRF450X for example. This features an 18-inch rear wheel, standard side stand, larger fuel tank, hand guards, and fuel injection settings.


There are over five dirt bikes that Honda offers. The price varies according to the model that you choose. The CRF450X costs $9,799. The CRF250F costs $4,899. The CRF125F costs $3,399. Dirt bikes from Honda only cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000.

3. Yamaha

Third on the list is Yamaha. This is again a brand that comes from Japan. This is founded by the same person Torakusu Yamaha. You know very well that when it comes to vehicles, Yamaha is a great brand to go for. The first ever dirt bike that Yamaha produced was the 125CC YA-1. This is a record-breaking dirt bike. Next to that, Yamaha released their two-stroke DT-1. This is when Yamaha also started to mass-produce off-road motorcycles for exploring the less traveled road.


Dirt bikes from Yamaha are in the color blue. This distinguishes them from other brands in the off-road market. For four-stroke dirt bikes, they have 250cc and 450cc. For the two-stroke, they have 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125cc, and 250cc. They also have junior-size dirt bikes for 4 up to 12 years old. Let’s see the feature of their all-new YZ450F. This is a four-stroke dirt bike. This weighs 450 lbs. It’s 85.8 by 32.7 by 50.2 inches. Its maximum ground clearance is 13.8 inches. Its fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons.


The price depends on the model that you choose. The 2023 YZ450F Monster Energy edition costs $10,099. The 2023 YZ250F is $8,599. The YZ250F costs $8,199. The cost of dirt bikes from Yamaha only ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.

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