Top 7 Best Used Dirt Bikes For Motocross

If you love the thrill of riding a dirt bike through uneven roads and trails, you must invest in a bike that gives you an excellent adventure. But dirt bikes do not come cheap, you have to spend a good amount of money to get a new one. So, there’s a way, you can get a used dirt bike, which will be a lot more affordable than a new vehicle. In this article, let’s read about the top 7 best-used dirt bikes for motocross.


If you buy a new dirt bike, it will not give you any riding trouble, but it will come with a price tag. This is the main reason, professional dirt bike riders look for the best deal for used dirt bikes. You just have to take good care of your used bike, and it will run like a champ. Also, you can save a lot of money on a used dirt bike.


If you are not sure about the bike you should buy, check out the below discussion on the comparison of four-stroke and two-stroke dirt bikes.


* New versions of two-stroke bikes work perfectly on trails
* Get a perfect weigh-to-power ratio
* It requires a mix of oil and gas
* The engine is very simple to repair


* The latest versions of four-stroke dirt bikes are fast and easy to ride
* The larger curve of power
* Engine repairing can be expensive
* It will last a bit longer with better maintenance.


There are various options for a used dirt bike, but in the end, you have to check your budget to buy the bike. Here, we have listed the top 7 dirt bikes you can look for.

* Honda CRF450R
* Suzuki RMZ250
* Yamaha YZ250F
* Kawasaki KDX200 or 220
* Honda XR200
* Yamaha YZ125
* Honda CR80 or CR85

1. Honda CRF450R []

This is one of the most powerful dirt bikes for motocross. This bike is an all-rounder because it has an eight-plate clutch, the best suspension, and excellent speed. You will get better torque control and you will get the power you need with this CRF450R version from Honda. You can easily drive the bike through the dirt roads, and rougher places will not be a problem for this beast-like bike. You will get the best grip with the eight-plate clutch.

2. Suzuki RMZ250 []

The Suzuki RMZ250 is the latest version of a dirt bike in 2022. This is a perfect bike for motocross. The bike has unmatched braking capability, best cornering, and engine performance. This robust bike offers one of the best dirt bike riding experiences. You will also get a tuning that is rider-friendly, and you can choose it as your need. With this, you will get the best position on the bike and get more control over your moves. You can efficiently cut through the corners, and jump over high places without shaking or falling over. This 2022 version is perfect for biking in any weather, and you can take it to motocross races.

3. Yamaha YZ125 []

This is a two-stroke bike, and it has been very popular for a while. The bike has an aluminum frame, with the best suspension. If you are looking for a used two-stroke dirt bike, you can go with this one.

The engine has a better torque that makes a good power curve. The bike has been updated in 2002, with transmission of five speeds, and a narrow frame.

4. Kawasaki KDX200 or 220 []

You can choose Kawasaki KDX200 or 220 for your favorite dirt bike on the rough terrain. This is a two-stroke bike; you will get an easy and smooth ride. If you are a beginner, you will find this bike easier to handle. To start with this bile you have to mix gas, but that’s one exciting part of it. Also, if you have riding companions, they may like the smell.

5. Yamaha YZ250F []

This version is from 2001-2005. This was the first four-stroke bile with 250cc power. You will find this bike perfect for riding motocross. However, fast riders do not mostly choose Yamaha YZ250F, but you will find this bike as the most reliable vehicle in the market. This is a fine race bike, and it’s a great option if you don’t want to stay limited with a two-stroke dirt bike. The bike has good torque, and the power curve is big and smooth.

6. Honda CR80 or CR85 []

This is a two-stroke bike, that is smaller than the bigger bikes but it offers faster performance. This bike was first introduced in 1996 and later in 2002 with some updates. The motor has good performance, and you can have a greater riding experience with Honda CR80 or CR85.

In 2003 the company changed the version name to CR85. But they didn’t change many things on the body of the vehicle. The dirt bike may not have the best looks, but it’s a fast vehicle. This is also the first dirt bike that had the best-inverted forks. So, if you are looking for an affordable used dirt bike, you can choose Honda CR85.

7. Honda XR200 []

This version of Honda dirt bikes is mostly from the classic era. These are not equipped with high technology, but you may fall in love with their performances. The bikes are very easy to handle and ride, and you may have the best fun while riding them. If you know a rider who has been the owner of a Honda XR200 for years, they will talk about this vehicle, and they will explain why they prefer this bike above others. The bike is not just easy to ride, but it has a better height for the seat, and you can adjust your position perfectly on it. Honda XR200 has been altered a couple of times, but then it was not produced anymore, but the last alteration was made in 1992. The upgrade in suspension was first introduced in the eighties, and this bike is equipped with the same. This is another reason, you can handle this bike perfectly on rough terrains.


Dirt bike riders can make better investments in used bikes. This will not only save their money, but the vehicle will also give a good performance, if you maintain the bike properly. Check out the top 7 used dirt bikes from the above list, and you may find the one that you need for your next adventure.

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