Kawasaki Dirt Bike Models with Prices and Uses

Kawasaki dirt bikes are designed to take the lead and stay ahead. They are built over decades of hard work, so you have the championship legacy in your hands. So far, no other manufacturer has more motocross or Supercross wins than KX. This post will cover Kawasaki dirt bike models with prices and uses.

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Price: $8,499

Best for motocross and Supercross races

This is a proven machine for racers who want to take their skills to the next level. It features a 249cc 4-stroke engine, revised suspension system, and racer-friendly gearing. All of these make the KX250 a potent machine on the racetrack. The sleek body and signature design will extend the life of the bike.

In terms of fuel efficiency, we can say this bike is economical. It comes with a new downdraft-style intake that offers better combustion.

The KX250 model is equipped with a disc-spring hydraulic clutch resulting in a higher operation. Best of all, it’s designed to give a consistent feel with minimal change. Unlike the competition, the clutch won’t heat under heavy use.

The bike also has a bit of tech. It features an electric start at a push of a button. Furthermore, the direct fuel injection system allows riders to select the program that suits them best. You also use four-pin DFI couplers to change the terrain.

For riders looking to fine-tune ECU settings, Kawasaki provides a programmable ECU. It’s worth mentioning that the launch control mode makes the riders focused ahead of the competition. Once you shift to the third gear, the full power resumes. This is what you need to maximize traction on slippery surfaces.

Kawasaki KX250 is built for agile handling. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and powerful brakes. Of course, the 5mm foot pegs are positioned to give a superb grip.

The handle has 4-way adjustable mounts and is close to the body. Riders can ride confidently to the limit.


Price: $4,699

Best for new riders

The KX85 model comes with a 6-position handlebar for an easy and comfortable ride. Furthermore, the bodywork offers excellent protection such that new riders can keep up with experienced folks. Another amazing feature of this bike is that it has unmatched fuel economy.

Looking at performance, this bike comes with a two-stroke 84cc engine for crisp and responsive power. It’s mated with a six-speed transmission system to hone the shifting skills. For exceptional control, this bike comes with an adjustable suspension system. Plus, the 36mm inverted cartridge folk guarantees better slide control and grip.


Price: $3,999

Best for any aspiring motocross racer

The KX65 model is a small bike but big on performance. It features a durable chassis to ensure you build your skills on a dependable platform.

To start with, this bike is powered by a two-stroke 64cc engine that provides instant throttle response. Along with that, the KX65 model comes with a six-speed transmission to satisfy the needs of every racer.

To ensure a smooth ride, you get a fully adjustable spring preload and piston rebound dumping. You also enjoy a progressive braking performance, thanks to the front and rear disc brakes.

Even better, this bike comes with an ergo-fit sizing system that allows you to adjust the handlebar. Most folks like the design of the radiator because it can accommodate varying heights. Make sure you find a comfortable fit before racing.


Price: $9,599

Best for elite-level champions

The KX450 model is built to dominate the track. It features a powerful 499cc engine that delivers responsive power on all terrains. With this bike, every second counts. It comes with a factory-style launch control system for maximum acceleration.

The suspension system, on the other hand, is adjustable to deliver smooth action. Also, the large inner tubes guarantee exceptional front-wheel traction.

The KX450 model also excels when it comes to braking power. All the superior features will inspire your confidence.

The chassis is made of lightweight aluminum for better balance when cornering. Not to mention, the front wheel is designed to give maximum traction. Another unique feature is the state-of-the-art foot pegs. They are designed to give the rider maximum comfort.

The KX450 bike excels in ergonomics. With the grip positioned close to the body, the rider can shift the weight evenly and enjoy the ride to the limit.


Price: $5,399

Best for intermediate motocross racers

The KX112 motocross is designed to win. It features a 122cc engine and has a winning combination of lightweight handling and power. This is what you need to accelerate around corners.

The bike has improved ergonomics and a low profile to accommodate all riders. If you look closely, the float tank can help to facilitate rider movement. On the other hand, the radiator shroud design will help you embrace an aggressive factory-inspired style. The green alumite finish will also ensure your ride stands the test of time.

Apart from that, KX 112 comes with mx33 tires for excellent grip. The front wheels are 19 inches for better slide control.

To ensure you push harder, this machine features a high-tensile steel perimeter. The suspension system is also fine-tuned for a comfortable ride. Still, riders can fine-tune the settings to match conditions and personal preferences.

This bike offers strong and consistent braking performance to suit different track conditions.


Price: $ 12,399

Best for riders seeking serious race wins

The first thing you’ll notice on the track is high engine performance. This model is powered by a 449cc engine with exclusive ECU/FI settings. To enjoy smooth action, the bike comes with a race-ready suspension system. The launch control for this model is also impressive. It keeps the power to the ground to maximize acceleration.

With the KX450SR, you enjoy the best next-level technology. To start with, the quick and reliable starting is backed by decades of championship-proven experience. To enjoy the next level of stopping power, you get an oversized braking pedal disc. The compact lithium-ion battery is supported by an automatic centrifugal system. This means you get back in the race fast. Of course, the hydraulic system offers a wide engagement range.

This bike is agile for a race-winning advantage. The unique styling will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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