Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike

Buying a dirt bike for the first time can be a daunting thing. You have to make sure that you are purchasing the right vehicle. A dirt bike isn’t much affordable, and when you spend a good amount of money, if you do not get the suitable bike that you needed, it can be very disappointing. Also, if it’s your first dirt bike, and you bought something you don’t like, you might get disheartened. So, to rescue you from all the disheartening and disappointing things regarding a dirt bike, we have detailed some information you must know before you invest in this vehicle. Let’s take a look.


The size of the dirt bike matters, as it will take care of your safety when you ride it. You have to ensure that the bike fits you perfectly before you take it for a test drive or purchase it, The size of a dirt bike is measured by CC size. If you are a beginner, you might want to go with a 125 to 150 CC. This way it will be easy to maneuver. If you are an intermediate rider, you may look for 250 to 450 CC.


It can be your first dirt bike or the eleventh, no matter what you must research the model you intend to buy. First, you have to make sure if the bike is a perfect fit, next you need to know if there are any maintenance issues, or if it has been recalled. However, these parameters are for the used dirt bikes.

For new vehicles, you can compare the price of the model with other dealers. If you see the spike or low value of the bike, you can ask the reason for the seller. Lastly, check if any dealer is sending the same model at a higher or less price. This will help you get a lower rate.


Many buy bikes just to show off when they have zero riding skills. But that is for the regular bikes, which you can drive on the road. When it comes to dirt bikes, you must not be a show-off, and you should have some skills in your pocket, otherwise riding that kind of bike might get you severely injured. You have to keep in mind that, you must buy a dirt bike, just when you are a skilled rider and you know how to handle reverse situations on uneven lands.

Make sure to avoid anything over 250 CC, if you are a beginner. These bikes are easy to handle, they will forgive your mistakes and the maintenance is low.


Many adventure sports dealers allow customers to try out the bikes before they purchase them. However, it’s not the same for all sellers, but some of them allow this kind of facility based on the seasons. A dealer can let you drive the bike in the summer and the springtime. You already know that dirt bikes aren’t legal to drive on the road, so you cannot take them out in the public, but if the dealer has a space at the back of the garage or the store, protected with ropes, you can take a test drive there. You can rent the bike and take it for a spin in that restricted area. The dealer or seller may give you thirty minutes to check the vehicle.


You don’t want to like to look like a fool once you end up buying the wrong bike, that doesn’t meet your requirements. Before you make this huge investment, you need to know the type of riding you intend to do with it. Bikes that are made for racing aren’t perfect for riding at the dunes or on the trails. Also, heavier vehicles aren’t made for racing.

You have to think that what you will be doing with it. If you want to use it for racing on uneven terrains, and that’s the only thing you want to do, then provide the same requirements to the seller. This way the dealer can offer you similar bikes, and you can choose the right one from the list. You have to consider this, even when you are buying a used bike. You need to the condition of it, the maintenance issues, and how many hands it has traveled before you.

If it’s a modified bike, you have to check its original condition of it. Make sure the things you have to alter before you purchase it. If you see that the alteration and maintenance cost is going over your budget, then you can consider having a new dirt bike.


This can be a tough question to answer. Many novice dirt bikers want to buy a used vehicle, just because they are still learning the skills. You will find many dirt bikes in the market, but you must look for things that are for sale.

Dirt bikes aren’t like the regular ones you see on the roads. These are made to withstand rough roads, dirt, and muck. You are not allowed to ride these vehicles on a busy street, so you have to take them to some uneven terrains where you and your adventure-loving friends can have fun riding the bikes.

If you are thinking of buying a dirt bike before you have the experience you must understand your budget. Many bikers go for used bikes just because they are affordable and periodic maintenance of the vehicle gives them a good experience of riding. However, if you can afford a new one, you can always purchase the latest model. But before you do check the maintenance type, and other things that will cost you more every month.

Other than these, as a beginner, a used bike will be good for you. But if you are an experienced rider, you can always consider the perfect new dirt bike.


Buying a dirt bike is a big decision. If you are a beginner, you might want to go slow in your expectations and look for a used option. This will give you worth for your money, and you can learn new skills. Once you get experienced in dirt bike riding, you can consider buying a new one. But before you invest, you can read through the tips we have detailed in this article. It may help you decide on the bike you want, and you can get a great deal.

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