Dirt Bike Wont Start? Possible Problems and How to Fix

If you’re having starting problems with your dirt bike, it’s important to figure out what the underlying cause may be before making any repairs or adjustments. If your bike has an issue that isn’t immediately apparent, you could end up making things worse rather than better if you make an improper adjustment or repair. We’ve assembled some of the most common causes of dirt bike starting problems along with ways to fix them so that you can get back on the trail sooner and safer.


If your dirt bike isn’t starting, then one of the first things you should check is your battery. If the battery is low or dead, then it won’t be able to send power to the starter motor correctly. This can be caused by a variety of things: If you ride in areas that have a lot of dust and debris (particularly on unpaved roads or trails), then it’s important to make sure that your battery terminals are clean and tight. You can also keep a trickle charger on your battery if you plan on sitting for long periods of time to help keep it topped off. Batteries are also known to lose their charge if they are stored in cold conditions and then driven after being cold started, so be sure that you give the starter a few minutes to get the engine warmed up before you drive it.


The starter motor is one of the most important components of your dirt bike because it’s responsible for turning over the engine as you start it up. If your starter motor isn’t working properly, then you’ll be unable to start your bike. To test this, turn off the key and then try to engage the starter by hand. If you are able to turn over the engine by hand, then it means that your starter motor is not engaging properly with its gear. This can be caused by a variety of things including a dirty gear mesh, loose bolts or improper teeth alignment on one of the gears inside. To fix this, you’ll need to pull the starter motor to inspect it for any loose or dirty parts.


The ignition system on your dirt bike is very similar to that of a car. Each time you turn the key in the ignition, it sends a signal to the engine that starts it up. If this signal isn’t getting through, then your bike will not start. The most common source of faulty ignition systems is corrosion in the wiring from metal connectors corroding or breaking loose from their mounts inside the headlight. Clean up all connections and make sure that everything looks clean, tight and free from corrosion before starting your bike again.


Your dirt bike fuel system is key to powering your bike and keeping the engine running. If there isn’t enough fuel reaching the engine, then it won’t be able to start up and run properly. One of the more common contributors for this problem is a bad fuel pump that does not have enough power to push fuel from the tank through the lines. This can be caused by a damaged or malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator in addition to a lack of gas in your gas tank. Another possible cause of this relates to a blocked fuel line or filter that prevents proper flow of fuel from the tank. To correct this issue, you’ll need to first remove the fuel pump and inspect it for any damage or obstruction. You may also need to clean out the filter or replace it if you find that it is clogged.


The spark plug on your dirt bike is one of the most important components in the ignition system and needs to be inspected whenever you have starting issues. This is because it’s responsible for producing sparks that ignite the fuel mixture inside your engine. If your plug has worn down too far, then it won’t be able to produce enough power for ignition. This can be caused by a dirty or low-quality electrode, or a loose spark plug wire that won’t make proper contact with the electrode. This is usually caused by riding on rough roads with rocks and debris in the tire treads, but it could also be caused by a damaged oil filter or improper carburetor adjustment.


The exhaust system on your dirt bike is responsible for getting rid of all of the harmful engine heat that builds up and prevents you from getting to your destination safely. If there are any holes in your exhaust system, then you may have problems starting because the heat generated from combustion pressure will not be expelled properly by your exhaust system. One of the most common issues with this is a cracked or broken exhaust header/bracket, which can be caused by roughing it on rough trails. To correct this issue, you’ll need to remove the header and inspect it for cracks or damage that would allow it to come loose. You may also need to replace the exhaust system if you find that there are cracks or holes in it that are allowing heat to escape while riding.


If your dirt bike won’t start because of poor ignition timing, then checking your timing is an important part of fixing any starting problems. The timing on your dirt bike controls when the spark plug fires in relation to the piston position. If it’s set too late, then you will have issues with the engine starting and running properly. This commonly occurs because of incorrect adjustment or a damaged ignition timing adjustment. To correct this, you’ll first need to check your manual to see if you need to adjust your timing yourself or if it should be adjusted at a shop. If it’s under warranty, then you may be able to have it inspected and reset by a professional mechanic at a local shop.

Having a quality start-up kit on your dirt bike is a must if you are riding on the trails. Many riders underestimate the importance of the kit; however, it can be very important in keeping your bike and its engine running smoothly.

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