Best Motocross Starting Gates with Prices and Where To Buy

Motocross is a kind of motorcycle racing that takes place on specially designed off-road courses. The sport originated in the United Kingdom, where trial events for motorcycles occurred. In the United Kingdom, where motocross originated, Scrambles racing is an offshoot of motorcycle trials and was once a popular kind of racing. Historically, the first scramble race occurred at Camberley, Surrey, on May 30, 1924.

On October 18, 1924, a stretch of beach in Los Angeles, California, played host to the first-ever race in the United States. There have been a lot of changes in motocross as a sport throughout time. The courses have become more complicated, and the motorcycles have gotten faster. In recent years, as the sport has become more dangerous, there has been a surge in the frequency of severe injuries and deaths suffered by riders.

1. Risk Racing Holeshot Motocross Gate

* Its price is $299.99

Risk Racing A start gate known as a Holeshot Motocross Gate is intended to provide motocross riders with a competitive edge at the beginning of a race. The sturdy aluminum gate has a spring-loaded release mechanism that facilitates a speedy departure from the starting line for the rider. Additionally, the entrance is built to last. In addition, the Holeshot Gate may be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of motocross track dimensions. We take pleasure in providing excellent customer service and innovative products, guaranteeing one year. Our headquarters are in Troutman, North Carolina.

https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Risk+Racing+Holeshot+Motocross+Gate&i=automotive&crid=2QJOLCWSBPZDP&sprefix=risk+racing+holeshot+motocross+gate%2Cautomotive%2C435&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/s?k%253DRisk%252BRacing%252BHoleshot%252BMotocross%252BGate%2526i%253Dautomotive%2526crid%253D2QJOLCWSBPZDP%2526sprefix%253Drisk%252Bracing%252Bholeshot%252Bmotocross%252Bgate%25252Cautomotive%25252C435%2526ref%253Dnb_sb_noss_1%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974987158%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw3cXQ3QS2kU-E3BIWhhkreP&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975005517&usg=AOvVaw09rfx4c8boMSYuVRll4LrZ] .

2. Risk Racing 00244 Black/Grey Factory Pit Mat

* Its price is $119.99

The 72-inch by 28-inch footprint rolls up into a 5.5-inch roll for convenient storage and gives the impression that your pit area has been professionally polished. A bag for carrying items is supplied. It works with any motocross stand or lifts, such as the Risk Racing RR1 Ride-On Lift, which is included in the compatibility list. It is a reliable and visually beautiful solution for use either in the workshop or on the racetrack.

https://www.amazon.com/s?k=2.+Risk+Racing+00244+Black%2FGrey+Factory+Pit+Mat&i=automotive&page=3&crid=3GHUSUL1S4ZD3&qid=1663879941&sprefix=2.+risk+racing+00244+black%2Fgrey+factory+pit+mat%2Cautomotive%2C540&ref=sr_pg_3 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/s?k%253D2.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252B00244%252BBlack%25252FGrey%252BFactory%252BPit%252BMat%2526i%253Dautomotive%2526page%253D3%2526crid%253D3GHUSUL1S4ZD3%2526qid%253D1663879941%2526sprefix%253D2.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252B00244%252Bblack%25252Fgrey%252Bfactory%252Bpit%252Bmat%25252Cautomotive%25252C540%2526ref%253Dsr_pg_3%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974988039%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw3fcgUoUEVDR08kUta09ZcE&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975005862&usg=AOvVaw1oueOQRPBafqjd3rzdqWXT] .

3. RR1 Ride-On Lift

* Its price is $169.99

The RR1 Ride-On Lift is a movable lifting platform that may be used to elevate and lower humans and other types of machinery. Because it utilizes a hydraulic lifting mechanism, it may be operated relatively easily. Because it is possible to elevate the platform to a maximum height of 6 feet, it is an excellent tool for accessing high regions. In addition, it is equipped with a built-in safety system that stops the platform from being lowered while someone is standing on it. It only weighs 17 pounds and is very portable. Compatible with motocross motorcycles ranging in size from 125 to 450 cc.

https://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-77-829-Silver-Motocross/dp/B004OJV1QA/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1J6HZ3FCOPD1H&keywords=5.+Risk+Racing+00174+Silver+Lock-N-Load+PRO-Strapless+Motocross+Transport+System&qid=1663879765&s=automotive&sprefix=5.+risk+racing+00174+silver+lock-n-load+pro-strapless+motocross+transport+system%2Cautomotive%2C427&sr=1-6 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-77-829-Silver-Motocross/dp/B004OJV1QA/ref%253Dsr_1_6?crid%253D1J6HZ3FCOPD1H%2526keywords%253D5.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252B00174%252BSilver%252BLock-N-Load%252BPRO-Strapless%252BMotocross%252BTransport%252BSystem%2526qid%253D1663879765%2526s%253Dautomotive%2526sprefix%253D5.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252B00174%252Bsilver%252Block-n-load%252Bpro-strapless%252Bmotocross%252Btransport%252Bsystem%25252Cautomotive%25252C427%2526sr%253D1-6%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974989047%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw1cm_uLHAGpMt5enUMNZ60s&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975006148&usg=AOvVaw2_lhLmWrUpKODS0sOqwP78] .

4. Risk Racing 77-849 Black Lock-N-Load Strapless Motocross Transport System

* Its price is $179.99

Using the Risk Racing 77-849 Black Lock-N-Load Strapless Motocross Transport System, you can carry your motocross bike without worrying about damaging it. The system’s ramps and general simplicity make it simple to load and unload bicycles. Heavy-duty design and accompanying tie-downs guarantee your bike is safe during transport using the included transport system. The black powder-coat finish looks impressive and shields your transportation system from the weather. It weighs 9.07 kg and has length, width, and height measurements of 20 by 18 by 10 inches.

https://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-77-849-Lock-N-Load-Strapless/dp/B004OJT3QK/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1J6HZ3FCOPD1H&keywords=5.%2BRisk%2BRacing%2B00174%2BSilver%2BLock-N-Load%2BPRO-Strapless%2BMotocross%2BTransport%2BSystem&qid=1663879696&s=automotive&sprefix=5.%2Brisk%2Bracing%2B00174%2Bsilver%2Block-n-load%2Bpro-strapless%2Bmotocross%2Btransport%2Bsystem%2Cautomotive%2C427&sr=1-1&th=1 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-77-849-Lock-N-Load-Strapless/dp/B004OJT3QK/ref%253Dsr_1_1?crid%253D1J6HZ3FCOPD1H%2526keywords%253D5.%25252BRisk%25252BRacing%25252B00174%25252BSilver%25252BLock-N-Load%25252BPRO-Strapless%25252BMotocross%25252BTransport%25252BSystem%2526qid%253D1663879696%2526s%253Dautomotive%2526sprefix%253D5.%25252Brisk%25252Bracing%25252B00174%25252Bsilver%25252Block-n-load%25252Bpro-strapless%25252Bmotocross%25252Btransport%25252Bsystem%25252Cautomotive%25252C427%2526sr%253D1-1%2526th%253D1%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974989972%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw19wdFkFsmsLUMnMS8ZpnXL&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975006457&usg=AOvVaw1BzeM3j8TOVEx3HOYi6Q4M] .

5. Risk Racing 00174 Silver Lock-N-Load PRO-Strapless Motocross Transport System

* Its price is $299.99

You may save time and effort while transporting your motocross bike with the Silver Lock-N-Load PRO-Strapless Motocross Transport System from Risk Racing. This setup consists of a pair of rear-mounted ramps and a front-mounted winch. The ramps may be lowered or raised to accommodate vehicles of varying heights. There is a remote control for the winch that allows you to use it without leaving the safety of your car. A bag is included to carry the ramps and winch while not in use. The product’s external measurements are 23.75 by 9.75 by 10.6 inches. Carry extra bikes and equipment in your vehicle. Bicycles are always loaded into a toy transporter four abreast.

https://www.amazon.com/s?k=5.+Risk+Racing+00174+Silver+Lock-N-Load+PRO-Strapless+Motocross+Transport+System&i=automotive&crid=1BIFY9LLYCVLK&sprefix=5.+risk+racing+00174+silver+lock-n-load+pro-strapless+motocross+transport+system%2Cautomotive%2C939&ref=nb_sb_noss [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/s?k%253D5.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252B00174%252BSilver%252BLock-N-Load%252BPRO-Strapless%252BMotocross%252BTransport%252BSystem%2526i%253Dautomotive%2526crid%253D1BIFY9LLYCVLK%2526sprefix%253D5.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252B00174%252Bsilver%252Block-n-load%252Bpro-strapless%252Bmotocross%252Btransport%252Bsystem%25252Cautomotive%25252C939%2526ref%253Dnb_sb_noss%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974991019%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw034aQH0X-ME1hh7M6BBcdo&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975006761&usg=AOvVaw38_5mP8iW9zBUr4ujp4eh5] .

6. Risk Racing 77839 Red/Black Holeshot Practice Motocross Starting Gate, 1 Pack

* Its price is $299.99

The extensive package costs 34.75 by 29 by 5 inches and 10 pounds. If you want to get off to a fantastic start in motocross races, the Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Starting Gate is a must-have piece of equipment. It’s ideal for motocross and supercross races since the red and black color scheme stands out. The four openings in the gate are ideal for use as a kickstart for a motorbike. The plastic used to construct the gate is strong enough to endure the environment and the rigorous wear that comes with racing

https://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-05-1020-Holeshot-Motocross/dp/B07G4P841G/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1G8LDA7TZR7YC&keywords=1.+Risk+Racing+Holeshot+Motocross+Gate&qid=1663880042&s=automotive&sprefix=1.+risk+racing+holeshot+motocross+gate%2Cautomotive%2C615&sr=1-1 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-05-1020-Holeshot-Motocross/dp/B07G4P841G/ref%253Dsr_1_1?crid%253D1G8LDA7TZR7YC%2526keywords%253D1.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252BHoleshot%252BMotocross%252BGate%2526qid%253D1663880042%2526s%253Dautomotive%2526sprefix%253D1.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252Bholeshot%252Bmotocross%252Bgate%25252Cautomotive%25252C615%2526sr%253D1-1%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974992293%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw0H7SVJXyqcdWJQk7poUQef&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975007027&usg=AOvVaw2qGyTgV342TwNN1bcu3_K1]

7. Risk Racing 00381 ATS Adjustable Top Magnetic Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand

* Its price is $149.82

It has magnetic side panels to hold bolts and tools and measures 17 by 17.5 by 16 inches in length, width, and height. A magnetic top plate on the Risk Racing ATS Adjustable Top Magnetic Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand makes repositioning your bike in the workshop or garage a breeze. With the stand’s height-adjustable construction, you can set it to work with various-sized bikes. The stand’s powder coating protects it against rust and corrosion. A large oil drain hole in the middle of a rigid, non-slip rubber surface provides stability for bikes of any size.

https://www.amazon.com/Racing-00381-Adjustable-Magnetic-Motocross/dp/B07NYCWNPL/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1G8LDA7TZR7YC&keywords=1.+Risk+Racing+Holeshot+Motocross+Gate&qid=1663880418&s=automotive&sprefix=1.+risk+racing+holeshot+motocross+gate%2Cautomotive%2C615&sr=1-7 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/Racing-00381-Adjustable-Magnetic-Motocross/dp/B07NYCWNPL/ref%253Dsr_1_7?crid%253D1G8LDA7TZR7YC%2526keywords%253D1.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252BHoleshot%252BMotocross%252BGate%2526qid%253D1663880418%2526s%253Dautomotive%2526sprefix%253D1.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252Bholeshot%252Bmotocross%252Bgate%25252Cautomotive%25252C615%2526sr%253D1-7%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974993419%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw0qBlR0uBw3G2IjY0Rj6HJg&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975007395&usg=AOvVaw2xzGArT4qRicAZzkG-61cf] .

8. Risk Racing 77-829 RR1 Ride On Silver Full Size Motocross Lift Stand, 1 Pack

* Its price is $169.99

Lifting and transporting your motorbike couldn’t be simpler than with the Risk Racing 77-829 RR1 Ride On Silver Full Size Motocross Lift Stand. The powder-coated coating on the steel frame of the stand protects it against rust and corrosion. The stand’s massive footing ensures it won’t go over accidentally. Designed to support bikes weighing up to 1,000 pounds, the Risk Racing 77-829 RR1 Ride On Silver Full Size Motocross Lift Stand comes with a guarantee of one year. A silvery metal material forms the stand. The stand has a built-in handle for portability and convenience while stowing.

https://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-05-1000-Silver-Motocross/dp/B07G4KZ2C3/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1G8LDA7TZR7YC&keywords=1.+Risk+Racing+Holeshot+Motocross+Gate&qid=1663880418&s=automotive&sprefix=1.+risk+racing+holeshot+motocross+gate%2Cautomotive%2C615&sr=1-10 [https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.google.com/url?q%3Dhttps://www.amazon.com/Risk-Racing-05-1000-Silver-Motocross/dp/B07G4KZ2C3/ref%253Dsr_1_10?crid%253D1G8LDA7TZR7YC%2526keywords%253D1.%252BRisk%252BRacing%252BHoleshot%252BMotocross%252BGate%2526qid%253D1663880418%2526s%253Dautomotive%2526sprefix%253D1.%252Brisk%252Bracing%252Bholeshot%252Bmotocross%252Bgate%25252Cautomotive%25252C615%2526sr%253D1-10%26amp;sa%3DD%26amp;source%3Deditors%26amp;ust%3D1663891974994428%26amp;usg%3DAOvVaw07swWqe5qiIUVBfdDg8NvI&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1663891975007725&usg=AOvVaw0qcIIb89h_5tAkvi2j1T1e] .


It’s reasonable to state that there is no silver bullet after looking into the finest motocross starting gates, their pricing, and where to acquire them. There are many motocross starting gates on the market, and the one you choose should depend on your budget and preferences. Were you looking for the most value for your money? The Alta Motors RedShift SM might be the most fantastic choice. The Fly Racing Kinetic Race Gate is a fantastic choice if you can and are prepared to pay a little bit more for a product of noticeably more superb quality.

Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

Every beginner biker has that one dirt bike crush, and it’s usually the biggest and the fiercest. Little do they know that it’s all within the cusp of their wishful thinking and perhaps not the best they’d want in reality. Of course, no one wants a timid Honda dirt bike with a lesser engine capacity or a tinier chassis that doesn’t feel intimidating to other racers. However, your first dirt bike can be your worst nightmare if you hardly take the time to think long and hard before making your pick. This article comes in handy for beginner dirt bikers and helps make this first crucial dirt bike decision.

1. Yamaha YZ125 2022

The Yamaha YZ125 2022 is ultralight and ideal for beginner adult and children dirt bike riders. It first came into the limelight in the early 70s and has maintained a consistency as one of the best and more manageable motocross dirt bikes. Its 125cc, two-stroke engine capacity makes it ideal for anyone venturing into the dirt bike world for the first time. And although it’s valid to argue that two-stroke engines can overpower beginners, their lower engine capacity makes up for it. If you want quite an easy time on the tracks as a beginner, this dirt bike is a match made in heaven for you.

2. Kawasaki KLX140R 2022

The Kawasaki KLX140R 2022 is your ultimate, low-level skill fit if you’re naïve with motocross racing. It offers the perfect start with the push of a button and a manageable 140cc four-stroke engine to give you ultimate control of the power and speed on tracks. It’s an ideal pick for beginners and has all the graces of making your first ever dirt bike ride blissful. Besides, this model retails in three various sizes to make it a breeze for you to choose the best fit and easy-to-handle chassis. Its six-speed transmission and air-cooled motors make your rides seamless, and you’ll surely love your first ever dirt bike ride.

3. Yamaha TTR-50 2022

While the Yamaha TTR-50 2022 is quite a far cry from the most potent and intimidating dirt bikes, it’s what makes it the best for novice riders. It tags with a four-stroke engine having three gears and a no-clutch system, making it easy to throttle and balance the power and speeds. Kids who want to hone their dirt bike racing skills and handling can try this dirt bike. That’s because Yamaha installs training wheels and a throttle limiter to avoid the mishaps of high-speed racing and losing control. This beginner dirt bike should be your go-to option if you’re looking at quickly attuning to dirt bike racing.

4. KMT 150SX

Beginner dirt bike riders might also love the KMT 150SX since it’s potent and a fit for their naivety in motocross racing. Besides, like the Yamaha YZ125 2022, it’s ultralight and offers beginners a factory feel with a more comfortable grip on the handles and a manageable speed and torque. Its 150cc two-stroke engine is just as perfect, and its chassis makes it a breeze to become airborne in the motocross tracks as you dirt-jump. Kick or push the start button, rev it up and get round in motion as you give other racers a run for their money.

5. Honda CRF250F

It’s okay to argue that 250cc engines are potent and may potentially overpower beginner racers. However, an advantage of the Honda CRF250F is that it’s four-stroke and is one of the best trail bikes for beginners. It offers more reliable power and is lightweight for an ultra-smooth ride on the trails. Its air-cooled four-stroke engine makes it easy to balance the power and gain speed easily. But essentially, it’s easy to handle and balances the speed for the ultimate beginner dirt bike riding experience. This dirt bike has an electric start system and a reliable brake system, making it easy for any beginner to control motion. If you’re out searching for an ultimately powerful but more manageable dirt bike for a beginner, the Honda CRF250F is simply ideal.

6. Yamaha TTR-230 2022

The Yamaha TTR-230 is seemingly perfect for beginner dirt bike riders of all ages since it sits low, but adults may find it a much better fit due to its incredible power. The bike offers proven performance, and its 230cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke engine offers reliable power for anyone new on the tracks. Besides, it has one of the best six-speed transmissions, and it’s easy to ride due to its compact size and chassis that feels comfortable to grip. Please remember that this bike’s power can be somewhat overwhelming for kids, so only adults should get their hands on it.

7. Kawasaki KLX110

The Kawasaki KLX110 is low capacity and features a 112cc air-cooled four-stroke engine system that makes it easy to balance the track’s power and speed. It’s, therefore, safe to affirm that it’s the best for dirt bikers of all ages since, besides having a more manageable engine power, its chassis is just about the suitable fit for bikers of all sizes, including the short and tall. Moreover, it’s also lightweight and easy to control, so perhaps it’d hardly give you a challenge while dirt jumping and going all airborne. It gives you ultimate control over the trails, and the low 26.8-inch seat height for the 2023 models will leverage the control to make your first dirt bike experience worth reminiscing on.

8. Beta 200 RR

Adults love power and speed and will go around the world to find one that fits this description. However, nothing feels more accommodating and engaging than the Beta 200 RR with a powerful 190.2cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine. It’s incredibly rideable, has a shorter seat height, and features an electric start to give every adult beginner dirt bike ride a thrill on the trails.


Picking the first dirt bike for beginners isn’t a piece of cake, and it hurts more to realize that the dirt bike you’ve long dreamed of owning is your worst nightmare. It’s always good to weigh your options and wisely pick your first dirt bike and get off on the right foot. Hopefully, this article will help you choose one of the best dirt bikes for beginners to make your first-time experience a thrill.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear with Prices and Where To Buy

Take a look at this list of the best dirt bike riding gear on the market. We have compiled all of the necessary items that anyone who is serious about dirt biking should have in order to be safe and comfortable while they are out on their next ride. Especially when you consider how expensive these sports can be, it is really important to take care to purchase only quality products and keep your vehicle maintained.

It is also important to remember that the color of your riding gear does not matter, but rather the functionality and how it will keep you safe. When you are out there racing with the other racers, you do not want to be the person who stands out because they do not have quality gear. You want to stand out because you have an edge due to what you are wearing. The following are Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear with Prices and Where To Buy:

1. FOX RACING FLEXAIR ($69.95–$79.95)


The Fox Racing Flexair is the perfect product for anyone who is looking for a quality helmet that is both stylish and functional. The Flexair has been specifically designed to meet all of the standards that are mandated by the FIA, which means you will be safe while riding at high speeds. As part of the Fox Racing product line, this helmet has been tested in the most real-world situations and has passed all regulations set forth by these governing bodies.

The all new Flexair helmet not only has an aerodynamic, visor design, but it also comes with a removable chin bar for those hot summer days and an innovative ventilation system. This helmet has been designed to fit tightly on your head, keeping the bugs out and your mind at ease. There is nothing worse than having bugs fly into your face mask while you are riding, but with the visor design of the Fox Racing Flexair you can be sure that this will never be a problem again.

2. THOR MX PRIME PRO ($42.95–$59.95)


The Thor MX Prime Pro is a great product for anyone who is going to be racing in the cooler months. This jacket fits snugly and is designed to keep you warm and protected from the cold. The MX Prime Pro has a full length zipper for easy access to your chest pocket, which will allow you to store your tracking device or communication device.

For those that do not like wearing an integrated sport shell, this jacket also has an additional waterproof liner inside of it and a removable fleece lined hood. This is the perfect all-around jacket for you when you are going to be on the track for long periods of time or when it gets extremely cold. The Thor MX Prime Pro also features a detachable hood, which makes it easy to put on and take off as needed.

Thor also makes a number of other awesome products like this MX Prime Pro jacket, so check them out and see what you like best.



This is an all new jersey that was designed specifically for the racer. What will really stand out to you about this product are the numerous vents that it has. This allows you to stay cool while riding your motorcycle or even while you are racing on the track. The Supertech also has a snug fit design, which makes it virtually impossible for bugs or pine straws to make their way inside of this jacket.

The Alpinestars Supertech is another high quality, safe riding product that any racer could benefit from having in their closet.



The Fly Racing Evolution DST is the perfect all-around jersey that you can use on those hot summer days and cooler weather days. This product is considerably lighter than most other jerseys and it does a great job at wicking moisture away from your body. The DST has also been specifically designed to help increase airflow, which will keep you looking cool as you are racing on the track.

This is another great jersey that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd without having to spend too much money.

5. FLY RACING LITE ($49.95–$59.95)


The Fly Racing Lite is a new product that was developed to help you cover the majority of your body with the least amount of material. This product has become extremely popular for those who are looking for a lightweight, but still functional to wear when they are out on the track. The Lite also features waterproof, breathable fabric designed for increased comfort.

This is another great product that does not cost too much money because it has been designed to be less bulky than other products on the market.

6. ANSWER RACING TRINITY ($74.95–$79.95)


This is another high quality product that does not cost too much money. It comes with a mesh liner that has been specifically designed to keep moisture away from your skin. The Answer racing Trinity has been designed to be used in any weather condition and it has also been tested in the most real-world situations by the racers themselves.

This is another product that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd without having to spend too much money.



This is another great product that comes with a lot of high end features. It is an extremely lightweight product that is designed to be just as comfortable as it is protective. This is another one of those jerseys that will help you keep cool even during hot summer days on the track. It has been designed to keep moisture away from your skin and can even be used in the rain. The Helium MX comes with a polypropylene shell, which makes it extremely strong and resistant to tears and rips.

8. SHIFT MX 3LUE LABEL ($89.95–$99.95)


The Shift MX 3Lue Label is another great product that comes with a lot of high end features. This jersey has been designed to keep you warm in the colder months and it’s also equipped to keep you cool when it gets hot. It comes with a patented cooling system that is built into the back of this product.

This jersey was designed using an extremely breathable material, which makes it perfect for long days on the track. It is also extremely light and can be used in all weather conditions, thanks to its waterproof breathable technology.

All of the above mentioned products were created with high quality in mind and were all designed to protect you and keep you comfortable. These jerseys are all unique in their own way and each one of them has been created with a specific purpose in mind. If you are looking for a great new jersey for your upcoming race season, then any one of the above mentioned products would be perfect for your needs.

Best Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

Do you want to find the best dirt bike chest protectors? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. This page covers the many sorts of chest protection for your convenience and happiness. Several chest protections are described in the following paragraphs for your convenience. You may read about each product to learn about its benefits and features. You can easily select the finest product that complements your dirt bike riding.

For your convenience, here is a list of the best dirt bike chest protectors. The following goods are offered at the greatest price and with the finest features for your convenience.

1. Alpinestars A1 Roost Guard

This dirt bike chest protector provides excellent protection to the rider. This product’s high-quality protection makes a cyclist feel more comfortable and active. The roost guard’s main advantages are its low price, clever strap design, and optimum user protection. It shields the individual’s chest and back.

The airflow provided by the guard’s perforated design is a noteworthy attraction. The premium bio-foam padding feature is another traditional benefit for the user. Are you ready to go trail riding for fun? If that’s the case, this guard is an excellent choice.

2. Alpinestar’s bionic dirt bike chest protector

This bike chest protector is well worth the money you spend on safety. This product is available in a range of configurations to meet your needs. You may utilize this function to increase your versatility. This chest protection guarantees that the rider’s chest, shoulders, ribs, and back are fully covered.

The bionic chest protector’s characteristics are appealing to a user. The product’s suitable neck brace is a strong selling point. The rider’s ribs are adequately protected by the thermo-formed side impact of the protector. It is available within your budgetary requirements.

3. Alpinestars A10 full dirt bike chest protector

This device is designed to protect the upper body. This chest protector is well-made and long-lasting. This protector will provide you with high-quality protection for many years. Many clients are enticed to purchase the chest protector because it has an innovative strap fastening method and the greatest air channeling characteristics. It is ideal for riders who go long distances on their dirt bikes.

Along with ribs, the users’ shoulders, ribs, and chest are also covered. The impact shielding function of the protector raises its value to a high degree. In this protection, the user has the option of selecting any setup.

4. Fox R3 Roost deflector

This stone and roost guard is basic and well-made for the protection of the user. Do you like a multifunctional and lightweight protector? If that’s the case, the Fox R3 is a no-brainer. The existence of a basic elastic fit improves the product’s adaptability to the user’s core. It includes both adjustable waist and shoulder straps. The shoulder cups are slim.

This chest protector has good articulation and breathability. The product has a simple design. This entry-level security guard is reasonably priced. This protector helps you fit your neck brace.

5. Fox racing race frame roost deflector

The race frame impact is the key characteristic of this roost deflector. This feature has a significant influence on chest protection. The product’s rigid clamshell design is an added feature. This product is simple to use and adaptable to all users. This lightweight armor is reasonably priced. It is a great match for the roost deflector’s strap system. Another feature of the device is its vented air-cooled system.

When it comes to competitive riding, this is the finest protective gear. This product perfectly meets the requirement for riding comfort. This device shields the whole upper torso.

6. Fox Racing Raptor vest

It is a one-of-a-kind product that provides complete coverage for a rider’s chest and shoulders. Also, the ribs and lower back parts are well protected. The special features of the vest are its full protection for the rider and also it’s venting. Do you prefer off-road riding? If so, this Fox Racing vest is the perfect choice to meet your demands.

A rider that uses this raptor vest feels confident and comfortable. The product is adjustable and fits your body. Yet another classic feature is its neck brace compatibility.

7 Fly racing barricade pullover roost guard

The popularity of this brand among customers is great. This device provides complete protection when riding. This roost guard is well-known for its high level of safety and comfort. A buyer on a tight budget may easily afford this product. It is long-lasting and meets your needs for comfort and flexibility.

The very breathable mesh design of the roost guard is a bonus. The product’s pullover design provides a typical benefit to the wearer. The roost guard’s contoured body adds to the image of the product.

8. Fly racing convertible with 2 roost guards

It’s a well-made device for chest protection. It is reasonably priced for the consumer. This product is simple to use and has numerous adjustable features that customers want. It is beneficial for your chest, shoulders, and arms. The product’s key features are high impact zones, arm protection, and neck brace compatibility. This product is lightweight and suits riders that love a casual drive.

9. Fly Racing CE level off-road roost, guard

It is a fantastic product with several advantages. This roost guard is packed with cutting-edge technical features. This guard, in addition to the arms, protects the chest, shoulders, and rear of the body. The guard’s main characteristic is its lightweight advantage, which helps the user feel at ease while using it.

The airflow function is a significant benefit to the client. The guard’s triple layer feature adds protection to your desire.

10. Leatt chest protector 3.5

The high performance and lightweight advantages of the protector lift its value to the core. The safety features of this chest protector are major qualities of the product. The best ventilation and flexibility features of the chest protector entice many customers to use it. Moreover, the lightweight part of the product is yet another milestone for the product.

Yamaha Dirt Bike Models and Prices

Design for dirt bikes saw a period of tremendous advancement over the past ten years. Electric start and fuel injection have become commonplace technologies, four-stroke engines have become lighter, and dual-sports have made significant strides. Compared to motorcycles from ten years ago, today’s bikes have improved. It is a selection of the top motorcycles that Dirt Bike Magazine evaluated between 2010 and 2019. Some of the bicycles made a list because they served as markers for the future. Others are present because they can compete with the machines in use today.

Yamaha Dirt Bike Models and Prices

1. Yamaha Tenere 700

With its incredibly powerful engine, the Yamaha Tenere 700 can travel at high speeds of more than 100 mph. Because of this, it is a well-liked option for a street bike, but it can also be used for off-road riding. This motorcycle includes a twin-cylinder engine, an ergonomic frame, and a suspension that is simple to adjust. The kid-friendly TTR-50 is the exact antithesis of this Yamaha motorcycle. It is incredibly quick and powerful, making it the ideal option for experienced riders who crave speed. The Tenere 700 has received favorable reviews overall and is well-liked by riders looking for a competent dual sport bike. It’s perfect for use as a trail bike or a vehicle for transportation because it requires little maintenance. It is priced at $9,999.

2. Yamaha YZ450F

The YZ450F, a brand-new model for 2018, is Yamaha’s top off-road vehicle. You can be confident that the YZ450F incorporates the most incredible technologies from the previous models into one powerful package because it is the larger brother of the YZ range. The YZ450F offers more torque and power than most riders can handle thanks to its monstrous 449cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, which also has four titanium valves and a rearward-slanting cylinder. Yamaha has made the YZ450F easy to ride and manageable, even for a beginner, even though we don’t advise beginning riders to use this bad boy. It costs $9,599.

3. Yamaha YZ250F

The Yamaha YZ250F is the next step for riders searching for more power than the YZ125 can provide. The best and one of the most powerful dirt bikes available today, this Yamaha has earned the right to be labeled such. The bike has moreover won numerous MX and SX championships. A powerful four-stroke, 250cc engine with a reverse cylinder head powers this bike over the dirt. Massive power is delivered at low rpm, and the top-end pull is tremendous. Excellent weight distribution made the YZ250F very light, which enhances handling. The true champion is the YZ250F. You can purchase it for $8,299.

4. Yamaha TT-R230

This dirt bike is a little bigger but manageable thanks to its 220cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine. Its trail-ready features include 11.6 inches of ground clearance and a low seat height on a long-travel suspension, making it the ideal choice for novice and experienced trail riders. A strong steel frame with a diamond-shaped design is superior for strength and handling, while racing-derived ergonomics include a flat seat/tank junction that aids the rider’s mobility. It is priced at $4,449.

5. Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 boasts a tremendous power-to-weight ratio for explosive performance because of its high-performance small two-stroke engine. The aluminum frame of the chassis is fantastic since it has been meticulously developed to provide the best handling performance in its class. It has an industry-leading fork with improved damping, speed sensitivity, and the ability for more accurate riding. A smooth ride is guaranteed by the sophisticated KYB shock’s superb rear-wheel control. The massive 277-millimeter front disc brake has cutting-edge pad materials for excellent controllability and stopping power. The YZ125’s small frame allows you to quickly swing your body weight, which gives you the freedom to hurl the bike around as you please. The YZ125 racer DNA is displayed by the synchronized high-performance wheels and razor-sharp appearance. It costs $6,899.

6. Yamaha YZ450FX

This Yamaha motorcycle is an excellent all-around vehicle. With a multi-plate wet clutch, it boasts a lot of speed and power. Thanks to the aluminum frame, it is light and maneuverable on the track. It also includes excellent brakes, an electric starter, and a top-notch suspension system. The YZ450FX is a perfect bike for competitive riders. This bike has performed well in tests against other 450cc versions and produces significantly more power than 250cc bikes. It is a fantastic bike that works well on off-road terrain and the racetrack. It is an attractive option because it has the strength and capacity to surpass any challenge. You can purchase it for $9,899.

7. Yamaha WR250R

This dual-sport motorcycle combines dirt-focused performance with tremendous dirt capability and is designed for trials and roads. It boasts a sophisticated fuel-injection system with EDI, advanced engine internals, and a 250cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. As a result, if you love to ride the trails but also want a bike you can use on the road, this dirt bike is a great option. It costs $5,499.

8. Yamaha TTR-50

A smaller and less potent 4-stroke choice is the Yamaha TTR-50. Due to the low seat height, compact engine, and direct 3-speed transmission, it’s perfect for novices. The seat on this bike is among the lowest in its category, and it also boasts an electronic start for a more straightforward start. A fantastic starter bike for young riders is this tiny bike. New dirt bike aficionados won’t damage themselves while learning the fundamentals because it doesn’t have much speed or power. This bike is fantastic for novices but not those looking for something more competitive and robust. It’s priced at 1,899.

Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes are lightweight motorbikes designed primarily for off-road riding with a sturdy frame, tough tires, and high suspension. Since they are built to manage riding cross-country or off-road motorcycle courses comprised of challenging terrains like dirt, mud, and rocks, they are known as dirt bikes due to their design. If you are riding a dual sport dirt bike with a license plate, you will require a driver’s license. However, most dirt bikes are designed for off-road environments and are exempt from having a license plate. Most private and off-road places are allowed for riding, while public roads are not.

Top Motocross Tracks In California


California Motocross Tracks offers information on motocross tracks in the state of California.

Motocross is a motorcycle racing competition consisting of many laps around a track. To be successful, you need to know your way around the course. In other sports, you can watch your competitors on TV. For example, you can see the situation in golf from the gallery. In motocross, you need to know the track. When a track is new (new course), it still has a lot of holes and turns. In two years, the course is more perfect and smoother. The tracks in California are divided into three types: tracks for experts only, intermediate level tracks, and novice level tracks.


This level of motocross track is suitable for expert racers who want to improve their skills quickly and get good results without too much physical effort. These racing machines have full suspension to help absorb bumps and jumps while being operated at high speeds. Because of these features, the expert-level motocross tracks drive a lot faster than other levels of motocross tracks. The big jumps are double or triple the height of intermediate or novice tracks.


The motocross track for intermediate racers is appropriate for most racers. The track is not very fast, and few big jumps can easily be cleared. The intermediate level adds some complexity and physical effort to the game. This type of training provides a good mix between speed, agility, and strength training.


Novice-level motocross tracks are made to help first-time riders learn as much as possible. The track is a little slower and more complex than the intermediate level.

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and Rocky Mountain Motocross Association (RMMA) do not recognize tracks that are not listed in the AMA or RMMA guides. The AMA lists 33 motocross tracks in California. In order to be included on the list, tracks must complete testing by an AMA-recognized inspector and include this icon:

The American Motocross Track Guide contains information on every motocross track in America. It also contains a listing of motocross tracks around the world. These are places that host motocross races or create their own racing surface for other organizations around the world to host races on their land. The following are the Best California Motocross Tracks in Southern & Northern CA:


Carnegie SVRA provides 1300 acres of off-road motorcycle riding. The Carnegie SVRA has tracks for all levels, from beginner to expert. These tracks allow for a variety of activities, including enduros and challenge races.

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area is located in Jamestown, CA, which is about an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles. The area was originally a dry lakebed. The Department of Conservation began to prepare the area for motorcycle use in 1966. Carnegie SVRA opened its first tracks in 1967. The Lake Shastina Motocross Track is about 60 feet wide and over 2000 meters long. There is an ATV/MX track a quarter mile from the main track. The areas are now off-road motocross tracks. The most popular track is the Santa Clarita Valley Motocross Track, which is 1.9 miles long and almost 1000 feet wide. There are a total of 4 tracks at Carnegie SVRA, including ATV/MX, MX track near Santa Clarita Valley (1 Mile), and Santa Clarita Valley (1.9 Miles).


Hollister Hills Lower Ranch provides 128 miles of trails for off-road motorcycle riding. There are three tracks: an 80, a 35, and a 7-mile track. The two longer tracks were built in 1981 and have been widened twice, first in 1988 and most recently in 2008.

Hollister Hills SVRA is located in Hollister, CA, which is about an hour’s drive from San Jose.

Hollister Hills SVRA was originally designed under the name of “Red Rock Canyon State Park.” They tried to get permission to build motocross tracks on their property until they realized that the park would only have 2.2 acres of land, with the whole thing being in the lap of a larger park. The park was then renamed “Hollister Hills Lower Ranch.” The land is located off Palomar highway and includes three motocross tracks, two on Palomar Highway and one at the “Lower Ranch.” After much debate and trial, Hollister Hills Svra became a permanent park in 1967.


It provides over 800 acres of off-road motorcycle riding, which can be found in the hills of Tejon Pass, California. The motocross tracks are located at the top of the hill. The area has different terrains to suit all levels of riders. The tracks include one intermediate and two expert-level tracks. There are picnic and camping areas near the tracks with an entrance fee of $10 per vehicle or $5 for campers with tents. The park is open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., daily, unless weather prohibits it.

Prairie City SVRA is located in Prairie City, CA, which is about an hour’s drive from San Luis Obispo.

Prairie City SVRA has two tracks that range from 50 to 95 miles long (2-3 laps) each. The tracks are at the top of a hill and can be very dusty in the summer. There is one motocross track called “Ridge Track,” which is 95 miles long. The other track is called “Campground Track,” with about 50 miles around.


The park has three motocross tracks that range from 20 to 25 miles long, each with two different terrains, a dirt road, and an off-road track. The tracks are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily, unless weather prohibits it.

Park entry permits are $5 per vehicle (up to 8 passengers) or $3 per motorcycle and include entry to the off-road vehicle area, amphitheater, and boat launching ramp.

Lake Perris State Recreation Area is located in Lake Perris, CA, which is about an hour’s drive from Riverside.

Lake Perris State Recreation Area has three motocross tracks that range from 20 to 25 miles long, each with two different terrains, a dirt road, and an off-road track. The tracks are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily, unless weather prohibits it.

Motocross track design has developed dramatically over the last hundred years. The first tracks were unpaved and made with no regular dimensions or dimensions that were different from each other. These tracks were originally built for horse racing, where there were no motocross bikes. As racing became more popular, some people started to race but to do this; they needed a better track to race on. Since motocross bikes are faster than horses, they made the tracks more technical and longer in length to make them more challenging.

Top Dirt Bike Brands with Specs and Prices

Looking for top dirt bike brands with specs and prices? You’ve landed on the right page! We all know the struggle of finding the best dirt bike for our adventures off-road. It has to be lightweight but rugged to be able to conquer all obstacles in the rough roads that we choose to explore. It also has to have some appeal so that when you use it on the road it exudes coolness and toughness. This is especially the case when you do motocross. A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed mainly for tough roads such as mud, gravel, sand, and other harsh road conditions. Finding a dirt bike is easy but finding the best one can be quite challenging. But this article is here to help you out. It is always recommended to go with the top brands. This is because they have already built a reputation in the field of motocross. They are popular for a reason, right? Here are the top dirt bike brands that you can choose from.

What To Look For In A Dirt Bike

Before we go on to the list, let us first enumerate the things that you should look for when choosing a dirt bike for you. Always keep in mind these things as we go on to the list. This will help you out choose the best one among them. Some terms will seem unfamiliar to you, especially if you’re new in the field. But dirt bikes are not that complicated. They have much smaller and fewer parts. The first thing that you have to look for is size. This will help you avoid dirt bikes that don’t fit your size. Choosing the perfect size for you will give you a comfortable sitting position and posture while riding on it. The size of a dirt bike is based on its cc size. If you are a beginner and smaller in stature go with the 125 or 150 CC. Go beyond that size if you are taller and with experience in riding motorbikes. Check the parts. This includes the engine oil, rear suspension, swing arm, and linkage. You can ask all of these the dealer. Make sure that they are of good quality. Determine where you would use the dirt bike. Will you use it for motocross or just for fun offroading as a weekend getaway trip? This will help you determine what features you should look for in a dirt bike. To finalize your option, try the dirt bike. See if it fits you and if you are comfortable riding it.

Top Dirt Bike Brands

Let us now proceed to the top brands when it comes to dirt bikes. These brands already have years of experience in the field. Most of their dirt bikes are used in the motocross. If you happen to attend one you will see that most of the dirt bikes there come from these brands. They have excellent performance and they look cool.

1. KTM

KTM is the top tier when it comes to dirt bikes. They are a big player in off-road motorcycle manufacturing. They have different models for you to choose from and each of the bikes is of high quality. KTM is a company based in Europe. They were first established in Austria in the year 1954. Imagine those almost 50 years of experience in the field. It is no surprise that KTM already owns a lot of wins and titles in the field of motocross. One dirt bike that they take pride in is the KTM 450 CC dirt bike.


The dirt bikes from KTM are made especially for racing. They are aggressive and rugged to tackle different rough road surfaces. They also feature a design that will surely catch everyone’s attention. KTM dirt bikes are known for their trademark color orange. If you see a dirt bike that is in the color orange, more likely it is from KTM. There are four bike models that KTM offers. They have four-stroke, two-stroke, junior-size, and electric dirt bikes. The engine of the two-stroke dirt bike is superior as it does not allow leaks. The chassis is very durable. It can absorb forces and impacts more effectively. It also features an ergonomic design. It allows better grip and a comfortable sitting position. The four strokes engine is much smaller which enables the motor to quickly respond to your movement. This is an improved version of the two-stroke dirt bike.


The price depends on the model you choose. KTM dirt bikes can cost from $2,000 to $20,000. The KTM RC 125 cost $2,430. This is the cheapest one in this series. The KTM adventure series tend to be pricier. The most expensive one can go up to $30,000. The price of dirt bikes from the KTM Duke series ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. The most popular dirt bike in KTM is the 450 SX-F Factory edition and this costs $10,299.

2. Honda

Nest to KTM is Honda. You already know how popular this brand is. It is based in Japan which is a place popular for advanced technology. Honda is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles in Japan. They have already conquered the world and that says something about their reputation. They have been in the industry since 1946. They already have lots of innovations. Their off-road motorcycles also dominate the market for dirt bikes. It was in the 1970s that they started to produce dirt bikes for motocross.


Honda only produces four-stroke dirt bikes. They don’t have two-stroke dirt bikes. They also have dirt bikes in a junior size. All Honda dirt bikes are in the color red which is the trademark color of the brand. Rugged and reliable are two words that Honda uses to describe their dirt bikes. The specs depend on the model. Let’s take CRF450X for example. This features an 18-inch rear wheel, standard side stand, larger fuel tank, hand guards, and fuel injection settings.


There are over five dirt bikes that Honda offers. The price varies according to the model that you choose. The CRF450X costs $9,799. The CRF250F costs $4,899. The CRF125F costs $3,399. Dirt bikes from Honda only cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000.

3. Yamaha

Third on the list is Yamaha. This is again a brand that comes from Japan. This is founded by the same person Torakusu Yamaha. You know very well that when it comes to vehicles, Yamaha is a great brand to go for. The first ever dirt bike that Yamaha produced was the 125CC YA-1. This is a record-breaking dirt bike. Next to that, Yamaha released their two-stroke DT-1. This is when Yamaha also started to mass-produce off-road motorcycles for exploring the less traveled road.


Dirt bikes from Yamaha are in the color blue. This distinguishes them from other brands in the off-road market. For four-stroke dirt bikes, they have 250cc and 450cc. For the two-stroke, they have 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125cc, and 250cc. They also have junior-size dirt bikes for 4 up to 12 years old. Let’s see the feature of their all-new YZ450F. This is a four-stroke dirt bike. This weighs 450 lbs. It’s 85.8 by 32.7 by 50.2 inches. Its maximum ground clearance is 13.8 inches. Its fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons.


The price depends on the model that you choose. The 2023 YZ450F Monster Energy edition costs $10,099. The 2023 YZ250F is $8,599. The YZ250F costs $8,199. The cost of dirt bikes from Yamaha only ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.

Top 7 Best Used Dirt Bikes For Motocross

If you love the thrill of riding a dirt bike through uneven roads and trails, you must invest in a bike that gives you an excellent adventure. But dirt bikes do not come cheap, you have to spend a good amount of money to get a new one. So, there’s a way, you can get a used dirt bike, which will be a lot more affordable than a new vehicle. In this article, let’s read about the top 7 best-used dirt bikes for motocross.


If you buy a new dirt bike, it will not give you any riding trouble, but it will come with a price tag. This is the main reason, professional dirt bike riders look for the best deal for used dirt bikes. You just have to take good care of your used bike, and it will run like a champ. Also, you can save a lot of money on a used dirt bike.


If you are not sure about the bike you should buy, check out the below discussion on the comparison of four-stroke and two-stroke dirt bikes.


* New versions of two-stroke bikes work perfectly on trails
* Get a perfect weigh-to-power ratio
* It requires a mix of oil and gas
* The engine is very simple to repair


* The latest versions of four-stroke dirt bikes are fast and easy to ride
* The larger curve of power
* Engine repairing can be expensive
* It will last a bit longer with better maintenance.


There are various options for a used dirt bike, but in the end, you have to check your budget to buy the bike. Here, we have listed the top 7 dirt bikes you can look for.

* Honda CRF450R
* Suzuki RMZ250
* Yamaha YZ250F
* Kawasaki KDX200 or 220
* Honda XR200
* Yamaha YZ125
* Honda CR80 or CR85

1. Honda CRF450R [https://powersports.honda.com/off-road/competition/crf450r]

This is one of the most powerful dirt bikes for motocross. This bike is an all-rounder because it has an eight-plate clutch, the best suspension, and excellent speed. You will get better torque control and you will get the power you need with this CRF450R version from Honda. You can easily drive the bike through the dirt roads, and rougher places will not be a problem for this beast-like bike. You will get the best grip with the eight-plate clutch.

2. Suzuki RMZ250 [https://suzukicycles.com/motocross/2022/rm-z250]

The Suzuki RMZ250 is the latest version of a dirt bike in 2022. This is a perfect bike for motocross. The bike has unmatched braking capability, best cornering, and engine performance. This robust bike offers one of the best dirt bike riding experiences. You will also get a tuning that is rider-friendly, and you can choose it as your need. With this, you will get the best position on the bike and get more control over your moves. You can efficiently cut through the corners, and jump over high places without shaking or falling over. This 2022 version is perfect for biking in any weather, and you can take it to motocross races.

3. Yamaha YZ125 [https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/motocross/models/yz125]

This is a two-stroke bike, and it has been very popular for a while. The bike has an aluminum frame, with the best suspension. If you are looking for a used two-stroke dirt bike, you can go with this one.

The engine has a better torque that makes a good power curve. The bike has been updated in 2002, with transmission of five speeds, and a narrow frame.

4. Kawasaki KDX200 or 220 [https://www.kawasaki.com/]

You can choose Kawasaki KDX200 or 220 for your favorite dirt bike on the rough terrain. This is a two-stroke bike; you will get an easy and smooth ride. If you are a beginner, you will find this bike easier to handle. To start with this bile you have to mix gas, but that’s one exciting part of it. Also, if you have riding companions, they may like the smell.

5. Yamaha YZ250F [https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/motocross/models/yz250f-monster-energy-yamaha-racing-edition]

This version is from 2001-2005. This was the first four-stroke bile with 250cc power. You will find this bike perfect for riding motocross. However, fast riders do not mostly choose Yamaha YZ250F, but you will find this bike as the most reliable vehicle in the market. This is a fine race bike, and it’s a great option if you don’t want to stay limited with a two-stroke dirt bike. The bike has good torque, and the power curve is big and smooth.

6. Honda CR80 or CR85 [https://powersports.honda.com/off-road/competition/crf450r]

This is a two-stroke bike, that is smaller than the bigger bikes but it offers faster performance. This bike was first introduced in 1996 and later in 2002 with some updates. The motor has good performance, and you can have a greater riding experience with Honda CR80 or CR85.

In 2003 the company changed the version name to CR85. But they didn’t change many things on the body of the vehicle. The dirt bike may not have the best looks, but it’s a fast vehicle. This is also the first dirt bike that had the best-inverted forks. So, if you are looking for an affordable used dirt bike, you can choose Honda CR85.

7. Honda XR200 [https://powersports.honda.com/]

This version of Honda dirt bikes is mostly from the classic era. These are not equipped with high technology, but you may fall in love with their performances. The bikes are very easy to handle and ride, and you may have the best fun while riding them. If you know a rider who has been the owner of a Honda XR200 for years, they will talk about this vehicle, and they will explain why they prefer this bike above others. The bike is not just easy to ride, but it has a better height for the seat, and you can adjust your position perfectly on it. Honda XR200 has been altered a couple of times, but then it was not produced anymore, but the last alteration was made in 1992. The upgrade in suspension was first introduced in the eighties, and this bike is equipped with the same. This is another reason, you can handle this bike perfectly on rough terrains.


Dirt bike riders can make better investments in used bikes. This will not only save their money, but the vehicle will also give a good performance, if you maintain the bike properly. Check out the top 7 used dirt bikes from the above list, and you may find the one that you need for your next adventure.

Kawasaki Dirt Bike Models with Prices and Uses

Kawasaki dirt bikes are designed to take the lead and stay ahead. They are built over decades of hard work, so you have the championship legacy in your hands. So far, no other manufacturer has more motocross or Supercross wins than KX. This post will cover Kawasaki dirt bike models with prices and uses.

Read on.


Price: $8,499

Best for motocross and Supercross races

This is a proven machine for racers who want to take their skills to the next level. It features a 249cc 4-stroke engine, revised suspension system, and racer-friendly gearing. All of these make the KX250 a potent machine on the racetrack. The sleek body and signature design will extend the life of the bike.

In terms of fuel efficiency, we can say this bike is economical. It comes with a new downdraft-style intake that offers better combustion.

The KX250 model is equipped with a disc-spring hydraulic clutch resulting in a higher operation. Best of all, it’s designed to give a consistent feel with minimal change. Unlike the competition, the clutch won’t heat under heavy use.

The bike also has a bit of tech. It features an electric start at a push of a button. Furthermore, the direct fuel injection system allows riders to select the program that suits them best. You also use four-pin DFI couplers to change the terrain.

For riders looking to fine-tune ECU settings, Kawasaki provides a programmable ECU. It’s worth mentioning that the launch control mode makes the riders focused ahead of the competition. Once you shift to the third gear, the full power resumes. This is what you need to maximize traction on slippery surfaces.

Kawasaki KX250 is built for agile handling. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and powerful brakes. Of course, the 5mm foot pegs are positioned to give a superb grip.

The handle has 4-way adjustable mounts and is close to the body. Riders can ride confidently to the limit.


Price: $4,699

Best for new riders

The KX85 model comes with a 6-position handlebar for an easy and comfortable ride. Furthermore, the bodywork offers excellent protection such that new riders can keep up with experienced folks. Another amazing feature of this bike is that it has unmatched fuel economy.

Looking at performance, this bike comes with a two-stroke 84cc engine for crisp and responsive power. It’s mated with a six-speed transmission system to hone the shifting skills. For exceptional control, this bike comes with an adjustable suspension system. Plus, the 36mm inverted cartridge folk guarantees better slide control and grip.


Price: $3,999

Best for any aspiring motocross racer

The KX65 model is a small bike but big on performance. It features a durable chassis to ensure you build your skills on a dependable platform.

To start with, this bike is powered by a two-stroke 64cc engine that provides instant throttle response. Along with that, the KX65 model comes with a six-speed transmission to satisfy the needs of every racer.

To ensure a smooth ride, you get a fully adjustable spring preload and piston rebound dumping. You also enjoy a progressive braking performance, thanks to the front and rear disc brakes.

Even better, this bike comes with an ergo-fit sizing system that allows you to adjust the handlebar. Most folks like the design of the radiator because it can accommodate varying heights. Make sure you find a comfortable fit before racing.


Price: $9,599

Best for elite-level champions

The KX450 model is built to dominate the track. It features a powerful 499cc engine that delivers responsive power on all terrains. With this bike, every second counts. It comes with a factory-style launch control system for maximum acceleration.

The suspension system, on the other hand, is adjustable to deliver smooth action. Also, the large inner tubes guarantee exceptional front-wheel traction.

The KX450 model also excels when it comes to braking power. All the superior features will inspire your confidence.

The chassis is made of lightweight aluminum for better balance when cornering. Not to mention, the front wheel is designed to give maximum traction. Another unique feature is the state-of-the-art foot pegs. They are designed to give the rider maximum comfort.

The KX450 bike excels in ergonomics. With the grip positioned close to the body, the rider can shift the weight evenly and enjoy the ride to the limit.


Price: $5,399

Best for intermediate motocross racers

The KX112 motocross is designed to win. It features a 122cc engine and has a winning combination of lightweight handling and power. This is what you need to accelerate around corners.

The bike has improved ergonomics and a low profile to accommodate all riders. If you look closely, the float tank can help to facilitate rider movement. On the other hand, the radiator shroud design will help you embrace an aggressive factory-inspired style. The green alumite finish will also ensure your ride stands the test of time.

Apart from that, KX 112 comes with mx33 tires for excellent grip. The front wheels are 19 inches for better slide control.

To ensure you push harder, this machine features a high-tensile steel perimeter. The suspension system is also fine-tuned for a comfortable ride. Still, riders can fine-tune the settings to match conditions and personal preferences.

This bike offers strong and consistent braking performance to suit different track conditions.


Price: $ 12,399

Best for riders seeking serious race wins

The first thing you’ll notice on the track is high engine performance. This model is powered by a 449cc engine with exclusive ECU/FI settings. To enjoy smooth action, the bike comes with a race-ready suspension system. The launch control for this model is also impressive. It keeps the power to the ground to maximize acceleration.

With the KX450SR, you enjoy the best next-level technology. To start with, the quick and reliable starting is backed by decades of championship-proven experience. To enjoy the next level of stopping power, you get an oversized braking pedal disc. The compact lithium-ion battery is supported by an automatic centrifugal system. This means you get back in the race fast. Of course, the hydraulic system offers a wide engagement range.

This bike is agile for a race-winning advantage. The unique styling will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Honda 250 Dirt Bike: Where to Buy with Prices and Specs

It always feels nice to use a Honda dirt bike since Honda has been manufacturing vehicles for a pretty long time. As a result, you can always rest assured you can get something nice from them in the long run. In this article, we would discuss Honda 250 dirt bike where to buy with prices and specs.

CRF250R – $8,199

The fuel capacity is 1.7 L so it will be quite a while before you would even think about going to the nearest gas station. It even has a five-speed transmission which is what you normally find in Honda dirt bikes nowadays so this is one less thing to worry about. Reviewers peg it as having a fair amount of suspension comfort so you won’t have to worry too much about it. Aside from Cycle Trader, Motohunt is another website to purchase this outstanding dirt bike from Honda. Apart from that, eBay is another nice place to buy it as you should know by now that you would want nothing more than to do it at a time when online shopping is at its peak. After all, you have to love the fact that it is stylish and fast at the same time. It won’t be long before you would feel proud of what you currently have. Additionally, they developed the rear subframe in such a way that it is a lot lighter than the previous models. There can actually be a lot of times when you will end up lifting the dirt bike onto a vehicle. They made this dirt bike in such a way that it could withstand heavy terrains. We all know how you could be a bit hesitant to enter those terrains but they made sure that won’t be one of your worries in the long run.

CRF250RX – $7,499

From the first look of this dirt bike, you will recognize right away that Honda really took its time when it came to designing it. It is available on Motohunt and you will even know the location of the seller right away so you can decide whether you will push through with the location or not. This dirt bike was made to run through dessert trails and rough terrains. You will run through those places with not much effort. Additionally, the Showa suspension is something you will be proud of as it was designed by some of the best these days. You will know this right from the moment you feast your eyes on it. Add that to the fact that people who ride this dirt bike have been racking up a bunch of trophies even before you realized it. Besides, you would want nothing more than to excel at what you are doing and this would become one of them. It weights 244 pounds and has 38 hp. It is clearly impressing in every way imaginable and you would want to boast the magnificent qualities this dirt bike has. It is almost the same as the previous models except for a few changes including ECU mapping and an aluminum kickstand. You would want nothing more than to kick the kickstand at a comfortable place so you could be on your way.

CRF250F – $4,899

This Honda dirt bike can be yours when you go to Cycle Trader website and inquire there. Besides, you’ll want to invest in it because of the clear running engine. Now, you will be doing the environment a huge favor when you invest in something like this. The last thing you would want to happen is to pollute the environment in ways you never imagined. As a matter of fact, you get powerful breaking at both ends in case an emergency happens and one of the breaks is not working anymore. When that happens, you should know right away that you still have a spare and that will always save you no matter what as you never know when accidents may happen. The front brake rotor lets it run out a lot smoother than what you are used to. You will ride your dirt bike a lot more than what you are used to because you will feel better in the morning. In fact, you could feel great about going to places you have never been to before.

CRF250L – $6,999

The good news is that this dirt bike can immediately be bought at cycle trader. As a result, you can cherish in the fact that this model actually came out with two different heights. Besides, all of us have different heights and we would want to feel as comfortable as possible when we sit on the Honda dirt bikes. After all, there will be times when we could slip a bit further into congestion and we have nobody else to blame but ourselves on the matter. Honda did quite a few interesting design tweaks and whether you will find it nice will depend entirely on your tastes. Yes, it is possible some will love it while some won’t but that won’t stop you from admiring the nice ignition timing. It is one of those areas that they certainly explored as long as they had the right materials to do it at the fingertips.

It always feels wonderful to discuss Honda 250 dirt bike where to buy with prices and specs. With regards to the places where you can buy this dirt bike, you can just go to Facebook marketplace but you can’t really be sure of the condition. Besides, there could be a hidden reason as to why the seller is selling the dirt bike and they will never reveal that reason. What’s important is to go through all the roots you will need to go to including making an account so that you can instantly message all of the sellers as you will certainly have a ton of questions. There will come a time when your curiosity would get the best of you especially if the dirt bike looks a bit nice.