Best Sites To Sell Your Used Dirt Bike

You’ve had fun with your dirt bike and probably won races, but it’s time to sell it. Maybe your ride is not in perfect condition, or you want to upgrade it. Whatever the reason, you can sell your bike hassle-free without leaving the comfort of your home. Here are the best sites to sell your used dirt bike for the top dollar.


Craigslist is arguably the best platform to sell a used dirt bike. The first step is to prepare and inspect your motorcycle. This is where you make a few fixes that can give you a better deal. A simple inspection checklist can include the tires, clutch, oil leaks, drive train, battery, bodywork, and paint.

Next, you should take pictures to highlight every aspect of your bike. Make sure you have enough lighting. Perhaps the best approach is to take a picture of every part you inspect.

Understanding the current price of your bike will also put you in a good position to negotiate. The trick is to set the price slightly higher than you’d expect to fetch. You want to be in a position to differentiate between annoying chancers and a good offer. The price you quote will depend on the model, mileage, and condition of the engine.

Once you place the ad on craigslist, make sure everything looks legitimate. Then, state your preferred method of payment. Do you want cash or a check? You can also choose the regions you want your bike advertised.

When advertising on craigslist, make sure you deal with folks you can meet in person. This eliminates the risk of being scammed. Craigslist allows you to leave contact information like email and phone numbers.


eBay offers a quick and easy way to sell your bike. To start with, you should make a decent shot – you don’t want your bike to appear as a thumbnail. Make sure there’s no clutter in the background. A front three-quarter angle works well.

When you sell on eBay, you should make it a classified ad. Also, take loads of pics. Make sure you get all the angles right from front to back. Don’t forget to take a few close-ups to show any dings or scratches. You can also show any faults the buyer could notice at first glance.

To get the best deal, you should use the main description line. Put as much detail as possible, like valuable aftermarket kit, tires, chain, service history, and more. Finally, be clear with the chancers. If your dirt bike is fairly priced, it will eventually get the right buyer.


Rumble On is one of the fastest platforms to sell your bike. As soon as you submit the details of your bike, all you have to do is sit back and get paid. First, you should enter the details of the condition of your dirt bike. Within minutes, you will have a cash offer in your inbox waiting for you to accept it. If you’re okay, the Rumble On representative will begin the sale process.

One feature that makes this site unique is a large number of users. Since Rumble On offers live actions of vehicles, it can be an avenue for engaging potential buyers. So far, this is the only platform that offers diverse selling options.

What are the perks of accepting a Rumble On cash offer? Because there are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get. Rumble On will arrange a pick-up – you can also select the dealerships you want. To ensure the safety of your bike, your bike stays in your garage until you get paid.

Rumble On will handle all the paperwork and send it to you. Plus, you choose the method you wish to receive the funds.


This site allows you to sell your motorcycle from the comfort of your home. You secure the deal of your bike, leave and come back anytime. And you get more power in your hands, thanks to the trade-in feature.

Private sellers pay a flat fee that includes buying the advertisement space. Once you post the photos and submit a price quote, the advertisement is made available to millions of buyers. One advantage of the cycle trader is that it provides a safety net for sellers – this keeps scammers at bay. Best of all, Cycle Trader professionals are always willing to help you anytime. Most of the audience focuses on motorcycle sales or purchases.


Facebook remains the biggest and the most powerful platform to sell your dirt bike – it’s free to join. Facebook Marketplace is designed to challenge the likes of eBay. You can sell your dirt bike by posting the category and location. And everything happens at your convenience – you can manage messages and enquire via apps.

The advertisement strategy for this platform makes it easy to repost, so you get exposure to a wider population. Facebook Marketplace works well for folks who want to keep their negotiations local.


Regardless of the site you post your dirt bike, ensure your advertisement stands out among the rest. You must include key information like model year, brand, engine type, and engine size.

Before you put your bike on sale, you should do some general maintenance that includes oil changes and any other upgrades. If you make a trip to the mechanic, you should provide documentation too.

If a potential buyer requests a test drive, that’s a good sign. You may want to hang on to their license – to make sure they don’t steal your bike.

After you agree on a price, you can get down to paperwork. If you have sold a bike before, you already know the requirements. Perhaps the best approach is to check at DMV to confirm if you need the bike registered. Finally, you can agree on cash or check payment and close the sale.


Most of these websites have listings and accept different payment systems. Be sure to provide all the information and wait for a response. You should get the paperwork ready and take care of issues that affect your bike. Don’t forget to mention the specs and set the right price.

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