Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

Every beginner biker has that one dirt bike crush, and it’s usually the biggest and the fiercest. Little do they know that it’s all within the cusp of their wishful thinking and perhaps not the best they’d want in reality. Of course, no one wants a timid Honda dirt bike with a lesser engine capacity or a tinier chassis that doesn’t feel intimidating to other racers. However, your first dirt bike can be your worst nightmare if you hardly take the time to think long and hard before making your pick. This article comes in handy for beginner dirt bikers and helps make this first crucial dirt bike decision.

1. Yamaha YZ125 2022

The Yamaha YZ125 2022 is ultralight and ideal for beginner adult and children dirt bike riders. It first came into the limelight in the early 70s and has maintained a consistency as one of the best and more manageable motocross dirt bikes. Its 125cc, two-stroke engine capacity makes it ideal for anyone venturing into the dirt bike world for the first time. And although it’s valid to argue that two-stroke engines can overpower beginners, their lower engine capacity makes up for it. If you want quite an easy time on the tracks as a beginner, this dirt bike is a match made in heaven for you.

2. Kawasaki KLX140R 2022

The Kawasaki KLX140R 2022 is your ultimate, low-level skill fit if you’re naïve with motocross racing. It offers the perfect start with the push of a button and a manageable 140cc four-stroke engine to give you ultimate control of the power and speed on tracks. It’s an ideal pick for beginners and has all the graces of making your first ever dirt bike ride blissful. Besides, this model retails in three various sizes to make it a breeze for you to choose the best fit and easy-to-handle chassis. Its six-speed transmission and air-cooled motors make your rides seamless, and you’ll surely love your first ever dirt bike ride.

3. Yamaha TTR-50 2022

While the Yamaha TTR-50 2022 is quite a far cry from the most potent and intimidating dirt bikes, it’s what makes it the best for novice riders. It tags with a four-stroke engine having three gears and a no-clutch system, making it easy to throttle and balance the power and speeds. Kids who want to hone their dirt bike racing skills and handling can try this dirt bike. That’s because Yamaha installs training wheels and a throttle limiter to avoid the mishaps of high-speed racing and losing control. This beginner dirt bike should be your go-to option if you’re looking at quickly attuning to dirt bike racing.

4. KMT 150SX

Beginner dirt bike riders might also love the KMT 150SX since it’s potent and a fit for their naivety in motocross racing. Besides, like the Yamaha YZ125 2022, it’s ultralight and offers beginners a factory feel with a more comfortable grip on the handles and a manageable speed and torque. Its 150cc two-stroke engine is just as perfect, and its chassis makes it a breeze to become airborne in the motocross tracks as you dirt-jump. Kick or push the start button, rev it up and get round in motion as you give other racers a run for their money.

5. Honda CRF250F

It’s okay to argue that 250cc engines are potent and may potentially overpower beginner racers. However, an advantage of the Honda CRF250F is that it’s four-stroke and is one of the best trail bikes for beginners. It offers more reliable power and is lightweight for an ultra-smooth ride on the trails. Its air-cooled four-stroke engine makes it easy to balance the power and gain speed easily. But essentially, it’s easy to handle and balances the speed for the ultimate beginner dirt bike riding experience. This dirt bike has an electric start system and a reliable brake system, making it easy for any beginner to control motion. If you’re out searching for an ultimately powerful but more manageable dirt bike for a beginner, the Honda CRF250F is simply ideal.

6. Yamaha TTR-230 2022

The Yamaha TTR-230 is seemingly perfect for beginner dirt bike riders of all ages since it sits low, but adults may find it a much better fit due to its incredible power. The bike offers proven performance, and its 230cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke engine offers reliable power for anyone new on the tracks. Besides, it has one of the best six-speed transmissions, and it’s easy to ride due to its compact size and chassis that feels comfortable to grip. Please remember that this bike’s power can be somewhat overwhelming for kids, so only adults should get their hands on it.

7. Kawasaki KLX110

The Kawasaki KLX110 is low capacity and features a 112cc air-cooled four-stroke engine system that makes it easy to balance the track’s power and speed. It’s, therefore, safe to affirm that it’s the best for dirt bikers of all ages since, besides having a more manageable engine power, its chassis is just about the suitable fit for bikers of all sizes, including the short and tall. Moreover, it’s also lightweight and easy to control, so perhaps it’d hardly give you a challenge while dirt jumping and going all airborne. It gives you ultimate control over the trails, and the low 26.8-inch seat height for the 2023 models will leverage the control to make your first dirt bike experience worth reminiscing on.

8. Beta 200 RR

Adults love power and speed and will go around the world to find one that fits this description. However, nothing feels more accommodating and engaging than the Beta 200 RR with a powerful 190.2cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine. It’s incredibly rideable, has a shorter seat height, and features an electric start to give every adult beginner dirt bike ride a thrill on the trails.


Picking the first dirt bike for beginners isn’t a piece of cake, and it hurts more to realize that the dirt bike you’ve long dreamed of owning is your worst nightmare. It’s always good to weigh your options and wisely pick your first dirt bike and get off on the right foot. Hopefully, this article will help you choose one of the best dirt bikes for beginners to make your first-time experience a thrill.

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