When and How To Change The Clutch on a Dirt Bike

Do you understand the significance of clutches on your dirt bike? Yes, it is an important part of your bike. They assist you in transferring power from your motorcycle’s engine to your tires or wheels. The clutches also assist you in changing gears.

Apart from the benefits of clutches on your bike, it is also critical to grasp the fundamentals of clutches for a smooth ride. Otherwise, you will have problems in the long term. What are the ideas you’ll need to grasp? The most important factor is clutch duration time. “We’ll just pose it as a question: how long do they last?” This is a critical question to which you should have a response. Do not be concerned; the information below will assist you in dealing with the situation.

Aside from the duration, you must know when to change the clutches on your dirt bike. In this essay, we’ll go over everything you need to know about dirt bike clutches. Keep your eyes peeled!

When and How to Change the Clutch on a Dirt Bike

How long should a dirt bike clutch be expected to last?

Technically, a dirt bike’s clutch does not assist for many miles to go. In terms of endurance, the dirt bike clutch hasn’t traveled far. Because the clutch only functions to shift gears, it should be updated for a very long time.

As per the expert’s experience, the clutches on dirt bikes help you cover approximately 6000 miles. However, if you go off-road, you will need to replace them more frequently. In an off-road situation, a maximum of 35,000 kilometers is sufficient to replace the clutches.

How can I determine if the clutch on my dirt bike is worn out?

There are several indicators available to tell you that your dirt bike’s clutches need to be replaced. Let us see those

Tough to ride

If you notice a significant variation when riding your dirt bike, such as speed increasing or dropping automatically, this is a critical warning indicator. You may find it tough to manage your clutches since they operate independently of you. The issue might be that your clutches are worn out.

Unusual noise while you operate the clutch.

Do you hear a peculiar noise when you engage your clutch? This is an indication that your dirt bike’s clutch is worn out.

Even with the engine revving, the sound will be loud and clear. This is mainly due to worn-out clutches with limited traction, causing microscopic particles to sling off them at rapid speeds.

If you discover this issue, get to a technician right away so they can evaluate and correct it.

Improper engagement of the clutch

You will fail to engage your clutch if it does not function properly as it ages, and it will be quite tough to completely release it.

The clutch isn’t disengaging properly.

When a dirt bike’s clutch starts to wear out, it will be very difficult for you to entirely disengage it. You can understand an important aspect of the worn-out clutch. What is it? Yes, your clutch is nearing its end. It may soon cease operating altogether, at which point you will have to work on it to replace it without hesitation. When you disengage a dirt bike with worn-out clutches, you may hear a weird noise instead of the normal clicking sound.

If you have or are experiencing any of the aforementioned troubles with your dirt bike, now is the time to correct the problem rather than relying on a broken dirt bike with many difficulties.

Leaking fluid from your dirt bike

Do you experience a leaky fluid in your dirt bike often? If so, then it is an indication that your clutches are worn out and require immediate replacement. You must change the parts completely instead of making minor repairs. You will have to spend decent money to replace it because it is a vital requirement for your smooth ride without any hassle for a long time.

How often is a clutch replaced on your dirt bike?

As we have already discussed, the clutch may last a maximum of 60000 kilometers, or at least 50000. You can improve the life span of a clutch if you ride your dirt bike on the road often. In this situation, the clutch may take a long time to wear out. If you wish to replace the clutches, you must change the spring and plates.

How to change the clutch?

You can take out the brake pedal spring first.

The second step is followed by removing the bolts and cover from the clutch cover.

There will be a total of six bolts visible inside. You can take them out with flexibility, followed by spring removal.

The pressure plate can be taken out after the above process. After this task, the pins are removed.

Clutch plates have to be taken out by getting inside. Through this process, all the old plates are removed completely. After this task, you start putting in the new clutch.

Changing the clutch is not a tedious task but requires professionalism to achieve the goal.

My last thoughts

You will not be concerned about the longevity of your dirt bike’s clutch too frequently. But when the time arrives and your dirt bike’s clutch wears down, you’ll understand how and when it happened.

Furthermore, the replacement parts are reasonably priced, and the procedure for changing them is relatively easy and concise. You may even realize that this is a task you can accomplish with your dirt bike buddies! However, frequent examination of your dirt bike keeps you in a safe zone at all times. Even little mistakes must be taken seriously on your part. Never ignore warnings that a dirt bike’s clutch gives in the form of sound and slow movements.

The above details give you a clear understanding of when and how to change the clutch on a dirt bike. Make use of the information to cope with your demand for hassle-free and inexpensive rides for a long duration. Indeed, you can always have a comfortable ride.

What Types of Transmission Oil Does A 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Take and How To Change It

There are two primary types of transmission fluids, namely automatic transmission fluid and manual transmission fluid. Both types of transmission fluid have their unique properties.

Synthetic transmission fluid and other specialized fluids are required for and recommended for use in many current transmission designs, including continuously variable transmissions and dual-clutch gearboxes. It is essential to the well-being of your car that you are familiar with the kind of transmission you have and the fluid you should use in it. With that said, this article will discuss the types of transmission oil a 2-stroke dirt bike needs.

What type of transmission oil does a 2-stroke dirt bike use?

The older, simpler technology is a two-stroke, requiring two different kinds of oil to function. The gearbox, clutch, and bottom end bearings on your dirt bike all need special oil, and one option is DIRT BIKE GEARBOX OIL. An appropriate grade of wet-clutch motorcycle gearbox oil will have a viscosity rating of roughly 80w.

Because of the high-performance engine in motocross bikes, you should avoid using inexpensive oils or vehicle oil. Different TWO-STROKE OIL is mixed with the gasoline at a certain ratio to lubricate the piston, rings, and top end bearings of your two-stroke motor; this mixture is then consumed during combustion. A range of fuel/oil ratios is used in two-stroke racing motorcycles, from 20:1 to 50:1.

What is a dirt bike gearbox oil?

Regular maintenance is a must if you want your dirt bike’s engine to last as long as possible and run at a high level all year long. Each motorcycle model from KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki has its recommended gearbox engine oil. Motorcycle gear oil might be mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic. If you want to know what kind of weight and oil viscosity are optimal for your dirt bike’s engine, you should read the owner’s manual.

What is two-stroke oil for dirt bikes?

If you want the most out of your 2-stroke dirt bike, you must get some high-quality premix oil and invest in it. Many beginning racers begin their careers on two-stroke dirt bikes, most frequently KTM minis. Two-stroke engines have been produced for a significantly more extended period of time than four-stroke engines.

Despite having fewer moving parts, two-stroke engines can deliver the same amount of power across a broader range. During a motocross or enduro competition, a dirt bike’s engine is subject to temperatures that can reach incomprehensibly high levels. Because of this, it is necessary to clean the engine and change the oil routinely.

How do you change a two-stroke dirt bike’s transmission oil?

The first and the critical task is the maintenance that should be performed on a regular basis on your two-stroke dirt bike is to change the oil. It won’t take a lot of your time, but you must do it correctly and properly, in a daily manner.

Step 1

Make sure the bike is clean before commencing any work you’re going on. You should get your motorcycle up to operating temperature before attempting to drain the oil, as this will help the process go more smoothly. Give it a shot, and after you’re finished, make sure that the engine is not on.

Step 2

Locate the oil cover of the motor while the bike is held upright, and remove it. Make every effort to avoid getting any dust or dirt into the gearbox.

Step 3

Unscrew the oil drain plug and pour the oil into a drain pan or bucket under the motorcycle. To get the most out of your bike, tilt it from each side.

Step 4

After clearing the drain, carefully replace the drain stopper, ensuring that there’s no cross-thread or its over-tighten. When it breaks, you should get rid of it and replace it.

Step 5

Fill the transmission with the appropriate amount of oil via the filler hole at the top. The amount needed can be found on the engine side beside the filler hole, but you can also check the handbook.

You may unscrew a “check bolt” on the side of your bike to inspect the range of the oil. In this case, the presence of oil is desirable. If there is no oil leaking out, you need to add some. Some motorcycles even have a window that lets you quickly check the oil level.

Step 6:

If you want to ensure that the cap seals well, clean it and ensure the screw is in good shape. Put a finger of pressure on the screw and reinstall it.

How often should you change the oil on your two-stroke dirt bike?

In general, many experts who are skilled in bikes advise that the oil in a bike should be changed around every 3,700 miles. However, this number is possible to vary depending on the kind of oil that was used during the most recent oil change.

On the other hand, it’s around every five hours for a bike with a two-stroke engine. Suppose you’re pushing yourself every three hours. If you go longer without changing the oil, just go with it but doing so will increase the gearbox’s wear.

What oil should be used on a two-stroke dirt bike?

You should only use engine oil for a high-quality two-stroke bike like Castrol, Motul, and more which are all excellent choices. They’re not inexpensive, but in comparison to cheaper oils, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.


Changing the oil in your motorcycle’s engine is crucial to keeping it running smoothly and reliably for as long as possible. Always use a high-quality filter whenever you change your oil to protect the internal components of your engine from wear and tear. Many varieties designed for usage in both four- and two-stroke dirt bikes are available today.

Some prefer synthetic oils because they may go longer without being changed. Others favor mineral-based oils because of their lower per-gallon prices. If the type you choose protects your engine compartment from wear and corrosion to the same degree as the original equipment, it is acceptable to use it.

Top Motocross Tracks in Alabama

Motocross is one of the exciting outdoor sports which requires a lot of courage and practice. Adding to that, a motocross track plays a very important role. Do you know what are the top motocross tracks in Alabama? Read the article to get detailed knowledge.

Motocross is an action-adventure sport on dirt pathways of lengths 1-3 miles. These dirt pathways are called tracks. The best part about these tracks is that they are full of extreme terrain changes which helped to develop exciting racing conditions. Motocross (MX) tracks are. Full of drops, jumps, step-ups, step-downs, turns, etc. The motocross starting gate is one of the most crucial parts of the race. First few seconds, riders generally drag each other’s path into the first corner.

This article aims to discuss the top motocross tracks in Alabama.


Following are some of the top motocross tracks in Alabama


The length of Atmore motocross park sand is approximately 1 mile. This track is very wide in some places written with a width as many have four lines for passing. Since it is important for the track to be moist sometimes, this track has a good hydration system to cater to this issue. This track contains plenty of obstacles for riders, which include 65 double, 75′ triple, 65′ double, big jumps, etc. To come up with the idea of having. To cater to the nice elevation changes, this track uses natural terrain.


Located in Seale, Alabama, this track is also an outdoor MX track which is a mixture of red clay and sand. To keep track in a good position, it is important to water them daily and even tilled weekly. The setup of the track includes table tops, sky jumps doubles, etc. On weekdays is $15. and for a weekend it is $12.


The track which helps young individuals to improve their skills in motocross it’s called Clover did the heart of Dixie motocross. This track consists of good soils. Forgiving land, forgiving landing, 90 feet double tap table tops, 50 feet doubles and. Freedom sections.


The length of the Lower Alabama motocross track is approximately 1.3 miles. This track is wide in some places and approximately 30 feet.

The best part about this drug is that it offers a challenge for all skill levels. This track is open to Wheelers and dirt bikes as well. This track has a good hydration system which helps it to stay moist in every situation. The challenges of the track include obstacles such as 75. Feet, the triple 65 feet double. Big jumps etc. Also, this track uses natural terrain. To cater to nice elevation changes.


McLarty motocross track is approximately 1 mile in length. Being 25 feet apart, this track is wider in some places.

The best part about this drug is that it offers obstacles for all skill levels. This track is open to four-wheelers and dirt bikes as well. This track has a surface that is great loamy and sandy soil. The obstacles of the track include challenges such as 75 feet triple, 65 feet double, big jumps, etc. Also, this track uses natural terrain to cater to nice elevation changes.


The motocross track is surrounded by Pines, creeks, rolling hills, and hardwoods. Design. To create an atmosphere similar to that of the highest level of training and racing. The tracks are full of challenges to give justice to the sport. These challenges include drops, jumps, step-ups, step-downs, turns, etc. All these experiences with this drug make it a privilege and a pleasure at the same time.


One of the Alabama’s’ premier tracks includes Monster MX Park motocross track. The tracks provide a variety of jump styles, high speed with great elevation. This track provides a great mix of jumps for all levels of riders. A true MX track makes it fun to ride by providing obstacles like tabletops, whose 16-pack rhythms. Also, monster Mountain MXPark motocross drag is considered one of the best tracks in this category. The best part about this track is that it provides great elevation changes with a perfect turn. Checks are almost 7 miles long and wider at certain places. This track is suitable for motocross, supercross, trails, pit bike, vintage, etc.


Roaring Hills ATV Park cross Track has a length of 1.7 miles. This track is a hard pack having red clay with some areas of topsoil and sand. Generally, natural encounter obstacles are present in the tracks, which include swamps, vertical climbs, and descents. Some other challenges include Creeks, Creek crossings of Camber turns, waterfalls, and a few fallen trees. Other obstacles provided by this Jack are drops, step-ups, step-downs, turns, jumps, etc.


Especially catering to motorcycle and four wheeler riders, “the ridge” is an off-road riding park. This track caters to motorcycles and four Wheelers of all abilities and ages. This track includes open fields, tie towards hill climbing, fire Lanes, Creek Rocks, and a lot of other elevation changes. The Ridge Riding Park is approx. 30 miles of one-way trail. This track is ideal for motocross, Peewee, trails, Supercross, ATV, etc.


Noah’s Motor Park suits any style and skilled rider. The best part about this is that it contains 3 tracks. The three tracks include a large outdoor motocross track, a hare scramble trail, and a pee wee track. One of the major features of Noah’s Motor Park is that there is an availability of parking area and primitive camping area as well. This track also includes challenges like swamps, vertical climbs, and descents.


Is a sport that requires a lot of practice and endurance. Adding to that, a good motor motocross track also matters. The quality of the track and the surrounding environment matters a lot. The tracks must be long and wide enough. Moreover, they must contain obstacles that should support this sport. A good balance between motocross and the tract makes this sport even more exciting.

Tools Needed To Change Dirt Bike Tires and Where To Buy with Prices

Your dirt bike tires are what make your off-road experience enjoyable, so it’s important to keep them in good shape. If you want to change the size, width, or tread pattern on your dirt bike tires, you’ll need some tools to get the job done correctly and safely.

When you head out to purchase these tools, make sure you don’t buy cheap products that will break after just one or two uses; instead, choose quality products made of high-quality materials that will last you through many changes in your tires. Read on to learn about the tools that will be useful for your dirt bike tire-changing needs and where you can purchase them at affordable prices!


Changing dirt bike tires is a delicate process that requires specific tools. There are five tools needed to change your dirt bike tires, but not all of them are required depending on the type of tire you are using. The type of tire you use will dictate which tools you need.

If you have a tube-type tire, then it doesn’t matter which toolset you purchase as long as it includes a wrench and a tube patch kit. However, if you have an inner-tube type tire, then you must purchase a tool set with both nut drivers and end wrenches. This way, when removing or replacing screws that hold on the wheel rim, your nuts don’t strip out or break off.

If you have an aluminum rim, then a bench vise will be needed when installing new tire beads. If you are using a rim that is made of steel or alloy, then a stand clamp will work best. If your dirt bike has spoke wheels, then get a spoke wrench as well. You’ll also need a torque wrench to make sure you tighten nuts or bolts correctly according to manufacturer specifications. And finally, if you have an inner-tube type tire, then purchase a tube patch kit in case you need it later on down the road.


The first thing you will need is a tire gauge. These can be purchased for anywhere from $7-$75. They measure the air pressure in your tires and help you decide if you need new tubes or not. The next tool you will need is a tire iron, also called a crowbar.

The most expensive tool on this list is called a valve core remover, which costs around $30 but it saves time in the long run because it removes both valves at once so that you don’t have to go back and forth between them constantly while working with your hands inside of an extremely hot bike tube.

The cheapest tool is a simple tire gauge, which you can buy anywhere from $7-$75. Tire gauges can help determine if your tubes need to be replaced, or if they are worth saving. Next is a simple tire iron; this crowbar-like instrument that can come in many different forms costs around $10-$30 depending on what brand you choose. It is essential when removing your wheel from your bike because it pries all of them easily without damaging anything else!


The right tools can make all the difference when working on your dirt bike. From replacing a tire to lubing a chain, you’ll be able to do it all with just these five basic tools: wrench, screwdriver, pliers, grease gun, and zip ties. Just about any hardware store will carry them in one form or another.

It’s best to use sockets with a ratcheting wrench for easier turning, and it’s good practice to have extra tools on hand in case you strip out your bolts. Having access to a torque wrench is also recommended, as it can prevent over-tightening.

Never attempt to work on any part of your dirt bike without safety gear (as applicable), such as eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, and boots that cover your ankles. Finally, remember that you should never use a tool for a purpose not specified by its manufacturer. Doing so could cause damage to yourself or your bike.


There are many different tools needed to change dirt bike tires, but there are five that you will need most often. The first one is a set of tire irons or a tire lever. Tire irons come in sets of two and are used for removing the tire from its rim.

Second, you’ll need a wrench with an adjustable reach (usually 8-inches) which will be used for loosening the axle nuts. Third, you’ll need a solid pair of pliers which can be used as a third tool if your other two don’t work well together.

Fourth, you’ll need some form of lubricant such as WD-40 or silicone spray that is meant specifically for use on motorcycle tires. Fifth, you’ll need some kind of shop apron or clothes that can be ruined by dirt and grease, such as coveralls.


You can buy tire-changing tools on Amazon, but there are a few different models. When buying, note that it is important to make sure that you are buying from a reputable retailer. Below are some of the best prices for these tools on Amazon:

– 1/2 Drive Socket Set, 14 Piece – $13.99 (free shipping)

– Masterclass Professional Tire Lever Set – $11.10 (free shipping)

– 32mm Presta Valve Core Remover – $7.99 (free shipping)

– Puncture Repair Kit – $12.99 (free shipping)

– Liquid Chain Lube 4oz – $12.99 (free shipping)


Finally, these were some general tips that will help you avoid common mistakes. The first is not having the right size tire wrench or a socket wrench on hand. Getting a tire off can be difficult if you don’t have these tools available. Second, it’s important not to get grease or dirt on your hands when changing tires because this could cause problems with future grip. Finally, always clean up after yourself as much as possible so other people can use your workspace without any issues.

How To Straighten The Front Wheel On A Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are designed especially for the off-roads and rough terrains. In such rough surfaced tracks and off-roads, there is a possibility that your bikes can face a lot of challenges. This can even mess up with the alignment of the front wheel of your bike. Once the front wheel is misaligned it can be hard for you to drive the bike in a proper way. It can even be riskier for you to drive the bike with a misaligned front wheel. Hence, it is important to straighten the wheel before you start driving again. If you are here, then probably, you are looking for the answer to the question – how to straighten the front wheel on a dirt bike? We are here to help you with your query. Read on to know how you can successfully straighten and align the front wheel of your dirt bike.


The alignment of the front wheel of the bike is essential. It ensures proper and efficient functioning of the bike. For two wheelers, like a bike, the front wheel plays the most important role while you are driving. If the front wheel is not properly aligned or straightened, then it can result in accidents and crashes. While driving through the off-road rough surfaces, the potholes, gravels and undulation can cause the front wheel to shift a bit. This can result into wheel misalignment. When the wheels are not aligned properly, it will be difficult for you to drive the bike straight. Hence, you need to straighten the front wheel of your bike properly before you start to drive again.


Before you start to straighten the front wheel of your dirt bike, you need to identify the issue. There are some signs that you can check to know if the front wheel of your bike is not properly straightened or aligned. If you are wondering how to know, here are some of the signs:


While riding the bike, do you feel the handles are crooked? This can be a sign of a misaligned front wheel. You can clearly understand when the handle of the bike doesn’t feel straight. You will face some discomfort. If you feel so, you need to check the alignment of the front wheel.


When you are riding a bike, you have to balance it on the front and rear wheels. Most of the balance depends on the front wheel. When it is not properly aligned or straightened, you will not be able to balance your bike in the right way. So, when you cannot balance the bike in the right way or the bike is not moving straight, then it can be a sign of a misaligned front wheel.


If the tires of your bike are facing uneven wear and tears, then it can be a sign of misaligned front wheel. The wheels tend to rub on the sides if it is not aligned properly. This can result in uneven and quick wears and tears.


Now that you know how important it is to keep the front wheel properly aligned, you need to know how to straighten it. If the wheel is aligned properly, the front wheel will spin in a straight way without rubbing on the sides. You need to make sure that you are straightening the front wheel properly so that the wheel is properly centered and aligned. Here are some of the important steps that you have to follow:


Make sure to elevate the height of the bike by balancing it over a ramp. If you don’t have access to a ramp to elevate the height of your dirt bike, you can turn it upside down. You can balance the bike on the seat and handlebar carefully. Once you do that, spin the front wheel of the bike with the help of your fingers.


When you are spinning the front wheel of your bike, you have to notice the movement very carefully. See the wheel as it spins and note down on which side it is rubbing mostly. When the alignment of the wheel is wrong, it is bound to rub on a particular side. In case the condition is bad, then it will not spin properly or will not spin at all. You can get a good idea about the alignment of the wheel by noticing it properly.


Spot the lever or the knob present on the fork of the bike. You have to identify the side (left or right) on which the wheel is rubbing. You have to turn the knob or the lever of that side of the bike anti-clockwise. Also, you have to turn the knob or the lever of the opposite side in the clockwise direction. For example, if the misaligned front wheel is rubbing to the right side, then you have to turn the right knob or lever in an anti-clockwise direction. You have to turn the knob or the lever of the left side in a clockwise direction.


Once you are done turning the knob or lever, you have to spin the wheel again with your fingers. Watch the wheel carefully as it spins. If it is spinning perfectly, then you have successfully straightened the front wheel of your bike. In case the wheel is still rubbing on a particular side, then you have to repeat the previous step (step #3) again. Loosening one side while you tighten the other side will help you to bring the wheel back to the center of the forks again.


Hopefully, you can identify the misaligned front wheel efficiently now. Once you do that, it is important to fix it soon and straighten it. When the wheels are not aligned properly, it can be quite difficult for you to ride the bike properly. From the above step by step guide, you can easily straighten the front wheel of your dirt bike successfully and enjoy a smooth ride again.

How To Put Training Wheels on a Dirt Bike Plus Where To Buy

When first learning to ride a dirt bike, training wheels are crucial. While you get the hang of balance and driving, they’ll hold you steady. Learning these abilities on your own, without the aid of a teacher or a set of training wheels, may be challenging and even hazardous.

The training wheels are the first thing most beginners buy on a dirt bike. It will allow them to get familiar with the cycle and its controls. You can take off the training wheels and ride without them after you’ve learned the fundamentals.

It takes time and effort to master the skills necessary to ride a dirt bike safely, but the rewards are well worth the effort. With the use of training wheels, you may ease into learning. You can eventually ride without them after you’ve mastered the skill.

* Methods for Acquiring Practice Wheels
* Purchase a dirt bike equipped with training wheels.
* Purchase an all-purpose training wheel kit.
* Construct the Training Wheel Assembly

Purchase a dirt bike equipped with training wheels

Getting a dirt bike with a training wheel is a good idea if you haven’t done it before. Because it was designed, manufactured, and tested specifically for that dirt bike, the manufacturer’s training wheel is the best option. Therefore, it’s best to check with your dirt bike’s manufacturer or purchase them at amazon, which comes at affordable prices.

But, training wheels are not often produced by dirt bike manufacturers. It’s conceivable that they aren’t made for your model of the dirt bike. If that’s the case, maybe you might consider choosing 2.

Purchase an all-purpose training wheel kit

Your bike’s manufacturer isn’t the only company making dirt bike parts and accessories. The word aftermarket refers to these add-ons. Hardline Products make the best one and are the most well-known brand in the industry. Most mini-dirt bikes can use the Universal Training Wheel kits they sell. Contact them to find out whether the part is compatible with the make and model of your dirt bike.

Construct the training wheel assembly

If you’re handy and don’t mind constructing your tools, you can build a training wheel for your child. But remember to always put safety first. An axle rod that is overly thin and fragile might break, a revolution could come free, or the nuts and bolts could loosen. It should serve you well and fit your dirt bike precisely. In addition, it must be strong enough to support the motorcycle’s weight when fully loaded. Making one is beyond the capabilities of most people because of the complexity involved in determining the appropriate size of the wheels and tires, welding together the various components, sourcing suitable nuts and bolts, and so on.

How do they Go Together?

It’s an easy concept that functions like the training wheels on a standard bicycle. On a dirt bike, though, it sits in the middle of the cycle rather than behind the rider. Instead of two separate L-shaped teaching wheel kits that fit on each side of a bicycle’s rear wheel, a dirt bike’s training wheel is a single, integrated system with a large axle rod running under the frame and a training wheel at either end. Depending on the dirt bike’s make and model, the training wheel kit can fit either footpeg bracket. The diagram below shows how to attach the footpeg bracket to the frame of a 50cc dirt bike with learning to ride or an electric dirt bike with training wheels.

How to ride a dirt bike without training wheels?

The short response is that it depends on your children’s bicycle skill level. What we mean by a two-wheeler is someone competent on either a traditional bicycle or a balance bike. Many adults think kids should master the basics of mobility, crawling, walking, running, riding a balance bike, a bicycle, and then a dirt bike before tackling more advanced vehicles.

Children, adolescents, and young adults who are comfortable pedaling or balancing on a traditional bicycle or a balance bike do not need training wheels unless they use a tiny dirt bike.

It’s okay to start with a balanced bike, even for kids who can’t ride a regular bike. Balance bikes may be cheaper than motocross learning to ride. They’re a great first bike for kids of all ages and come in various sizes. Learning to lean into turns while keeping one’s balance is one of the skills fostered by this activity.

Advantages of training wheels

* Helps in inciting; the availability of training wheels for dirt bikes may tempt inexperienced young riders and their parents to try the sport. During the trip, they will have peace of mind.
* Gives assurance By reducing the likelihood of a beginner coming off the dirt bike throughout the learning process, might be the single most tremendous beneficial effect it has on the learner. Teens who learn to ride motorcycles on their report increased feelings of independence.
* Get a Hand on the Reins, which frees up the hands of less-experienced riders to focus on the pedals and the gear shifter. The first time they have to learn to balance in the real world is postponed until they can ride a bike without the aid of training wheels.

Disadvantages of training wheels

* Due to the training wheels being an aftermarket accessory rather than a factory fixture, the dirt bike’s chassis presents some safety concerns. It’s important to remember that now there are four wheels on the ground.
* If a youngster uses just one training wheel and hits a bump, the bike or the assembly might be damaged, and the rider could be forced to dismount.
* Stability: Since training wheels provide a supporting structure, they may mislead the rider into thinking they have more excellent stability than they do. Young riders might benefit from training wheels as they get the hang of pedaling and braking on their own. Children may lack the coordination and control needed to stand on their own. There is a risk that children who use training wheels on their dirt bikes may become too reliant on them.
* The training wheels take the brunt of the bike’s weight and keep the cycle balanced and upright while the rider steers. Training wheels are a must because natural leaning hinders control on a dirt bike.
* Most dirt motorbike training wheels sold as accessories are cheaply made and come with several drawbacks in weight, durability, and price. They’re frail and easily broken. The price and shipping weight was also raised. Training wheels of decent quality tend to be rather pricey with a possible price tag of $100 or more.


When installing training wheels on a dirt bike, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. As a first step, check that the cycle is the proper size for the kid. Second, don’t forget to install the bike’s rear training wheels. Third, verify the size of the training wheels relative to the bicycle. Finally, check that the training wheels are correctly attached.

How To Clean A Dirt Bike Engine

One of the most effective ways to prolong engine life is to keep it clean and maintain its performance. There are many different tasks that should be performed on your dirt bike’s engine. These include regular maintenance, oil changes, cleaning the drive chain and drive train, inspecting air filters, replacing spark plugs and timing chain components, changing coolant in warm climates, etc. Other than pollution in water sources if you do not change your oil regularly. The following are tips on How To Clean A Dirt Bike Engine:


You need to have an oil drain plug wrench, oil filter wrench, wire brush (medium/fine), small motor clamps like vice grips, bungee cords for a small spare tire and a towel or rag. Let’s take a look at the things you require.

* Aluminum Wheel Cleaner
* Toothbrush
* Simple Green
* Plastic bags Or Tape
* Scotch Brite Pads
* Mag Wheel Cleaner
* Soda Blast
* Power Washer
* Rubber Pad
* Air Tool
* Water Hose
* Parts Washer
* Pump


Before you start cleaning the bike’s engine, prepare a tray where you can place the parts that you remove. This will avoid the dirt and debris from flying around while cleaning and will make your job easier. Take a small water hose and clean out all the dirt in there. Use power washer to wash out all the oil, dirt that may have accumulated at the cylinder head area. Use scotch brite pad for this entire process of removing big chunks of metal and rust from your engine block. The suggestions below will help you with the inside cleaning process. So let’s get started.


Now remove the engine from the bike and split it into cases. You have a left case and a right case. Case covers need to be removed with a valve spring compressor or an impact gun if you have one. After removing the covers, clean all the dirt around the case cover gaskets with a toothbrush soaked in simple green.


Get the cases into a tub full of water to soak them down. It is appropriate to use a parts washer for this job. If you don’t have it, you can use a bucket or a garden hose just as well. Keep the cases in the water for about 20 – 30 minutes and get them ready to wash off with power washer.


While the cases are soaking up in water, mix the degreaser with hot water and place it in a spray bottle. This will help you to clean out the grease from all the hard to reach areas.


You can use power washer for this step as well. After your cylinder head is cleaned, next step is to straighten out those bent valves using a valve spring compressor or an impact gun if you have one.


The best way to clean your engine’s outside is to remove the exhaust manifold, transmission and engine oil pan. This way you have more space to spray with simple green and oil remover. Remove the drive chain before you start cleaning your engine, so the parts can be washed off easily and without damaging any part of your bike.


The process of cleaning the exhaust is almost similar to that of the cylinder head cleaning process explained above. You can use a power tool to remove all of the gunk. It will take you longer time to clean heat shield, manifold and manifold gaskets.


The transmission needs to be completely drain before it is cleaned by using an oil extractor machine or a power washer with hot water. After that clean off all the gasket layer from transmission body, pan and case covers.


Follow the same process as the cylinder head. Use scotch brite pad and power washer for this process. You can use hot water or soda blast to remove the oil stains from spots that are hard to reach.


You can do these steps before you start the engine cleaning process. Use an air tool for all of these steps.


Clean the air and fuel lines to avoid any kind of trouble with your engine. Loose hoses can cause big problems like loss of pressure and even blow up your engine with extra pressure in your fuel line.


Clean the drive chain and drive train with degreaser. Use wire brush to remove all the rust and build up of dirt.


There are many ways to clean the engine’s oil cap, but the best way is to use a toothbrush. You can also use a plastic bag or tape to make it easier for you by removing it from inside its cylinder head and then removing oil cap from its place.


Cleaning the spark plug and its terminal is a very important step because this part leads to ignition of the fuel in your engine. Dirty spark plugs can cause engine problems that can be hard to diagnose later on.


Try using a vacuum pump and a rubber pad to remove all of the dirt from air filter. This step is very important for your engine to run smoothly and also it will give you a better air flow from the carburetor.


Use a vacuum pump and a plastic pad to clean the carburetor inside, where all the gunk gets accumulated. This step is very important because this part of your motor leads fuel into your engine from air filter. And you don’t want foreign substances in the fuel that can damage your engine permanently.

These are the steps that you can use to clean your dirt bike engine. Doing the process step by step makes cleaning your dirt bike engine easier and reasonable.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike

Buying a dirt bike for the first time can be a daunting thing. You have to make sure that you are purchasing the right vehicle. A dirt bike isn’t much affordable, and when you spend a good amount of money, if you do not get the suitable bike that you needed, it can be very disappointing. Also, if it’s your first dirt bike, and you bought something you don’t like, you might get disheartened. So, to rescue you from all the disheartening and disappointing things regarding a dirt bike, we have detailed some information you must know before you invest in this vehicle. Let’s take a look.


The size of the dirt bike matters, as it will take care of your safety when you ride it. You have to ensure that the bike fits you perfectly before you take it for a test drive or purchase it, The size of a dirt bike is measured by CC size. If you are a beginner, you might want to go with a 125 to 150 CC. This way it will be easy to maneuver. If you are an intermediate rider, you may look for 250 to 450 CC.


It can be your first dirt bike or the eleventh, no matter what you must research the model you intend to buy. First, you have to make sure if the bike is a perfect fit, next you need to know if there are any maintenance issues, or if it has been recalled. However, these parameters are for the used dirt bikes.

For new vehicles, you can compare the price of the model with other dealers. If you see the spike or low value of the bike, you can ask the reason for the seller. Lastly, check if any dealer is sending the same model at a higher or less price. This will help you get a lower rate.


Many buy bikes just to show off when they have zero riding skills. But that is for the regular bikes, which you can drive on the road. When it comes to dirt bikes, you must not be a show-off, and you should have some skills in your pocket, otherwise riding that kind of bike might get you severely injured. You have to keep in mind that, you must buy a dirt bike, just when you are a skilled rider and you know how to handle reverse situations on uneven lands.

Make sure to avoid anything over 250 CC, if you are a beginner. These bikes are easy to handle, they will forgive your mistakes and the maintenance is low.


Many adventure sports dealers allow customers to try out the bikes before they purchase them. However, it’s not the same for all sellers, but some of them allow this kind of facility based on the seasons. A dealer can let you drive the bike in the summer and the springtime. You already know that dirt bikes aren’t legal to drive on the road, so you cannot take them out in the public, but if the dealer has a space at the back of the garage or the store, protected with ropes, you can take a test drive there. You can rent the bike and take it for a spin in that restricted area. The dealer or seller may give you thirty minutes to check the vehicle.


You don’t want to like to look like a fool once you end up buying the wrong bike, that doesn’t meet your requirements. Before you make this huge investment, you need to know the type of riding you intend to do with it. Bikes that are made for racing aren’t perfect for riding at the dunes or on the trails. Also, heavier vehicles aren’t made for racing.

You have to think that what you will be doing with it. If you want to use it for racing on uneven terrains, and that’s the only thing you want to do, then provide the same requirements to the seller. This way the dealer can offer you similar bikes, and you can choose the right one from the list. You have to consider this, even when you are buying a used bike. You need to the condition of it, the maintenance issues, and how many hands it has traveled before you.

If it’s a modified bike, you have to check its original condition of it. Make sure the things you have to alter before you purchase it. If you see that the alteration and maintenance cost is going over your budget, then you can consider having a new dirt bike.


This can be a tough question to answer. Many novice dirt bikers want to buy a used vehicle, just because they are still learning the skills. You will find many dirt bikes in the market, but you must look for things that are for sale.

Dirt bikes aren’t like the regular ones you see on the roads. These are made to withstand rough roads, dirt, and muck. You are not allowed to ride these vehicles on a busy street, so you have to take them to some uneven terrains where you and your adventure-loving friends can have fun riding the bikes.

If you are thinking of buying a dirt bike before you have the experience you must understand your budget. Many bikers go for used bikes just because they are affordable and periodic maintenance of the vehicle gives them a good experience of riding. However, if you can afford a new one, you can always purchase the latest model. But before you do check the maintenance type, and other things that will cost you more every month.

Other than these, as a beginner, a used bike will be good for you. But if you are an experienced rider, you can always consider the perfect new dirt bike.


Buying a dirt bike is a big decision. If you are a beginner, you might want to go slow in your expectations and look for a used option. This will give you worth for your money, and you can learn new skills. Once you get experienced in dirt bike riding, you can consider buying a new one. But before you invest, you can read through the tips we have detailed in this article. It may help you decide on the bike you want, and you can get a great deal.

Best Sites To Sell Your Used Dirt Bike

You’ve had fun with your dirt bike and probably won races, but it’s time to sell it. Maybe your ride is not in perfect condition, or you want to upgrade it. Whatever the reason, you can sell your bike hassle-free without leaving the comfort of your home. Here are the best sites to sell your used dirt bike for the top dollar.


Craigslist is arguably the best platform to sell a used dirt bike. The first step is to prepare and inspect your motorcycle. This is where you make a few fixes that can give you a better deal. A simple inspection checklist can include the tires, clutch, oil leaks, drive train, battery, bodywork, and paint.

Next, you should take pictures to highlight every aspect of your bike. Make sure you have enough lighting. Perhaps the best approach is to take a picture of every part you inspect.

Understanding the current price of your bike will also put you in a good position to negotiate. The trick is to set the price slightly higher than you’d expect to fetch. You want to be in a position to differentiate between annoying chancers and a good offer. The price you quote will depend on the model, mileage, and condition of the engine.

Once you place the ad on craigslist, make sure everything looks legitimate. Then, state your preferred method of payment. Do you want cash or a check? You can also choose the regions you want your bike advertised.

When advertising on craigslist, make sure you deal with folks you can meet in person. This eliminates the risk of being scammed. Craigslist allows you to leave contact information like email and phone numbers.


eBay offers a quick and easy way to sell your bike. To start with, you should make a decent shot – you don’t want your bike to appear as a thumbnail. Make sure there’s no clutter in the background. A front three-quarter angle works well.

When you sell on eBay, you should make it a classified ad. Also, take loads of pics. Make sure you get all the angles right from front to back. Don’t forget to take a few close-ups to show any dings or scratches. You can also show any faults the buyer could notice at first glance.

To get the best deal, you should use the main description line. Put as much detail as possible, like valuable aftermarket kit, tires, chain, service history, and more. Finally, be clear with the chancers. If your dirt bike is fairly priced, it will eventually get the right buyer.


Rumble On is one of the fastest platforms to sell your bike. As soon as you submit the details of your bike, all you have to do is sit back and get paid. First, you should enter the details of the condition of your dirt bike. Within minutes, you will have a cash offer in your inbox waiting for you to accept it. If you’re okay, the Rumble On representative will begin the sale process.

One feature that makes this site unique is a large number of users. Since Rumble On offers live actions of vehicles, it can be an avenue for engaging potential buyers. So far, this is the only platform that offers diverse selling options.

What are the perks of accepting a Rumble On cash offer? Because there are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get. Rumble On will arrange a pick-up – you can also select the dealerships you want. To ensure the safety of your bike, your bike stays in your garage until you get paid.

Rumble On will handle all the paperwork and send it to you. Plus, you choose the method you wish to receive the funds.


This site allows you to sell your motorcycle from the comfort of your home. You secure the deal of your bike, leave and come back anytime. And you get more power in your hands, thanks to the trade-in feature.

Private sellers pay a flat fee that includes buying the advertisement space. Once you post the photos and submit a price quote, the advertisement is made available to millions of buyers. One advantage of the cycle trader is that it provides a safety net for sellers – this keeps scammers at bay. Best of all, Cycle Trader professionals are always willing to help you anytime. Most of the audience focuses on motorcycle sales or purchases.


Facebook remains the biggest and the most powerful platform to sell your dirt bike – it’s free to join. Facebook Marketplace is designed to challenge the likes of eBay. You can sell your dirt bike by posting the category and location. And everything happens at your convenience – you can manage messages and enquire via apps.

The advertisement strategy for this platform makes it easy to repost, so you get exposure to a wider population. Facebook Marketplace works well for folks who want to keep their negotiations local.


Regardless of the site you post your dirt bike, ensure your advertisement stands out among the rest. You must include key information like model year, brand, engine type, and engine size.

Before you put your bike on sale, you should do some general maintenance that includes oil changes and any other upgrades. If you make a trip to the mechanic, you should provide documentation too.

If a potential buyer requests a test drive, that’s a good sign. You may want to hang on to their license – to make sure they don’t steal your bike.

After you agree on a price, you can get down to paperwork. If you have sold a bike before, you already know the requirements. Perhaps the best approach is to check at DMV to confirm if you need the bike registered. Finally, you can agree on cash or check payment and close the sale.


Most of these websites have listings and accept different payment systems. Be sure to provide all the information and wait for a response. You should get the paperwork ready and take care of issues that affect your bike. Don’t forget to mention the specs and set the right price.

Best Motocross Tracks For Beginners in The US

A dirt bike rider cannot master every track in an area at the beginner level. Some motocross tracks in the US are best for beginners. It is due to specific facilities for beginner riders. They have trainers and areas to polish every part of riding skills. We have arranged a list of the best motocross tracks for beginners in the US to help you choose the best track for yourself. You will feel the improvement in your dirk bike handling skills when you go to these tracks for practice.

Morelands Motocross Park

It is a beginner-friendly park for all dirt bike and quad bike riders. You will notice some things as you go to their website. There is a chat option on the side of the web page to help people coming to their location. You will also get the address of this park on their website. You can contact them by email also as there is an email address on the webpage. It is an outdoor practicing park. You have to consider weather conditions before making an appointment. They open every day without any breaks. There is only an exception for the weather conditions. Dirt roads can become slippery in rainy weather. It can cause accidents or damage parts of your bike. It is better to wait for the perfect weather when practicing here.

They are charging low fees as you only need to pay thirty dollars for the entire day. You can also camp in the park for these thirty dollars as the company is not charging anything extra for camping in the evening. Some want to test their skills on wet dirt roads. They can help you with that as they have a watering system. One feature is prominent for every beginner rider in this park. They have a half-mile track for kids also. People can get comfortable on this track before trying the professional track. The company has arranged a viewpoint for parents because they do not want parents to lose sight of the kids during practice. Parents can also engage in training to ensure they are bonding with their kids. Track layout also helps people get better at riding skills because most parts of the track are visible from other parts of the field.

Trophy Club Park

Many parks do not have a fee transparency system. It is not the case with the Trophy Club because they made everything transparent. You can go to their website to see the ticketing page. You can buy passes online also. Most tracks do not show fees for the entrance of the park. This park shows the entrance fees and passes the cost on the website. You will be happy to know that they are charging low fees because they have many activities in the park. You can go there if you are not sure about your passion because they have many activities. It is also an outdoor park. You can look for weather updates before visiting this location because you will not get the best learning experience in storms or rain.

People enjoy the dirk bike experience here because they know the park rules. Most places do not give rule details to the visitors. It can cause inconvenience to people. You cannot double-ride on the tracks to avoid the risk of injury. There are no speed limits on the trail but you have to obey the rules of speed limits outside. It is to protect you and others around you. They help beginners by making tracks one way only. People new to dirt biking can enjoy the trail as they know no one is coming from the opposite side.

Jewell Motocross Park

It is an excellent park for dirt bike riders in Colorado. You may not know this name because the company recently changed its name. They were known by the name Watkins Motocross before. Most people are familiar with this name because it is a famous park in Colorado. It is not like many other parks that are open all days of the week. They are operating the park only from Monday to Friday. You cannot go there on the weekends. Weather conditions can also affect the opening time.

They may not allow you to ride when there are dangerous situations in the park. A track can become dangerous in rainy or snowy weather. People with noisy bikes can enjoy a ride there because they do not have any noise limits. You can take your two-stroke dirt bikes on this track as they do not allow heavy vehicles and quads. You can go there at 10 am and ride till dusk as they do not allow riding at night. You cannot camp at the site at night time also. They have a track of 200 acres to give you maximum riding experience.

Cub Run MX Playground

It is a motocross playground only for practicing. You are not allowed to race on this track because the owners want beginners to enjoy riding on this track. There are no hidden fees you can go there and pay ten dollars for one rider. Most practice tracks are short and do not give you a racing experience. It is not the case with Cub Run MX playground because they have a long track. You can ride your dirt bike on a half-mile trail. There are no age restrictions on this tract as people of all ages can use it and improve their riding skills.

Most other tracks focus on adult males because they want a specific category of people to come to their locations. Club Run management wants everyone to go to the trail. They have added family-oriented activities and a sitting area to their location. If you are unsure about the location, it is better to search for videos of people enjoying a ride on this track. People do not find it hard to locate the area because it is near the main road. You can look for the Cub Run milling on the main road to find the location of this track.